Let’s Spiralise Like We Did(n’t) Last Summer

There’s a song that keeps springing to mind when I turn the handle and transform the courgettes, carrots and beetroot into curly ringlets. It is that stalwart of the sixties by Chubby Checker.

Regular readers of this page will know that Octavia and I often eat together once a week, drink her wine and catch up on our news. Last Saturday we did the wine but not the food. I raved about spiralised beetroot as we quaffed. Octavia laughed and took a photo of me which she sent to a non-mutual friend. Hmm. Not sure about that one.

I am one of those people who talks about the things that interest me to anyone and everyone willing to listen. One of these people is the man from whom I sometimes buy the beetroot. I told him about my spiralised beetroot recipe. I could see his mind working.
“No garlic?” he queried.
“I forgot to put any in,” I explained.
“Lemon juice?”
“No, but that is a key ingredient in my beetroot risotto.”

We were talking beetroot for ten minutes before being interrupted by another customer. I went home. That was a couple of days ago. Today I took him some spiralised beetroot. He’s going to put it with avocado, lemon juice and garlic. I’m looking forward to the report.

Back to Octavia. We agreed to eat together this evening, early before she went off for a haircut. I was home this afternoon, so I did some prep and gathered the ingredients for our meal.

Spiralising the beetroot

Spiralising the beetroot

The Grey Ninja was interested in what I took round in my bag.

And what's that?

And what’s that?

It’s a quick meal to make, so I also took some carrots, a courgette and my spiraliser for Octavia to try.

Here’s how she got on:

Spiralising the courgette

Spiralising the courgette

Curled carrot

Curled carrot

I am fascinated by this kitchen fad. After all, it’s only a fancy grater, so how come it makes vegetables taste so great? Apparently some people spiralise potatoes and roast them so they are super crispy. I might miss that one, but my fruit and veg seller loves chips, so maybe he’ll try.

Well, Octavia enjoyed seeing the curly results of her labours, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, though we didn’t actually have pudding. And I am pleased to say the beetroot spaghetti passed the test.

Beetroot, mushrooms and spinach. Yum!

Beetroot, mushrooms and spinach. Yum!

As we parted, we were already planning a repeat performance.


10 thoughts on “Let’s Spiralise Like We Did(n’t) Last Summer

    • Apparently people spiralise all sorts of things, even melon. And make tarte tatin wth spiralised apple instead of sliced. I don’t think you’d have wanted apple with our beet root, spinach and mushroom…

    • Octavia’s ninety-three year old mother was delighted by the spirals of courgette in a salad I made a few weeks back. Let me know how you get on 🙂

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