One Week On

This whole media access thing is very strange. I know I have comments on the blog, because I have had notifications via my ‘phone (battery how dead), but I cannot view them or answer them via my iPad because despite positive bars apparently the signal strength is insufficient. It was also insufficient last night when I posted via Blogsy, which is where I am typing now. Does Blogsy have some special deal with the internet? Why is it that nine times out of ten I can post from Blogsy but be unable to view anything else online? Not being technically savvy, these things bemuse and bother me.

Older Nephew came to das Boot today shortly after a text from Celia had alerted me to the fact that the Brexit narrative had again deviated from the expected path. This time it was the announcement that BoJo is not going to stand as a candidate to lead the Tories. Unable to face up to the crisis he has created, was Older Nephew’s opinion. I agree.

Older Nephew is still in denial. I am still in denial. Though my denial is less strong than his. I keep hoping Angela Merkel and or François Hollande will emerge from a phone box with knickers over their tights, and a blue cloak with a yellow circle of stars, and somehow extricate us from this mess of our own making. But the runes aren’t looking good. Older Nephew still reckons there’s a chance we may escape and live to argue with the EU again. I think he’s reckoning without the mass of people who don’t give a toss about the EU, don’t see how being in or out affects them, and have voted out as an anti-establishment protest. If the referendum result can be ignored (and legally it can) the dispossessed are going to feel uber dispossessed, and the outcome from that might be worse than a middle class revulsion at leaving the EU.

Both of us were in agreement about how we hurt; how we feel kicked, bruised, assaulted and heartbroken. Both of us felt wine and food would help the healing, even if we didn’t actually say so. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. MasterB stayed under the pillows while Older Nephew was aboard, emerging immediately after his departure. Right now he is snoozing on the bed, ignoring my suggestion that he might enjoy some outside time.

I need to eat in a minute, so I am hoping if he does decide he wants to go out, he’s not going to time it with when I am eating my supper, or when night has fallen and I have locked up for the night. Being here has worked some magic. It would be nice to have more time, but in hope I shall get back again soon.


12 thoughts on “One Week On

  1. Indeed what a week what will tomorrow bring??? You couldn’t write this stuff, it wouldn’t sound credible! They do say a week is a long time in politics, it’s also been a hell of a long week for the dazed and confused electorate! Have a restful time with his Gingerness!

  2. I saw on The Book of Face about Boris and thought of you immediately! I thought it would be a reason to let out a sigh of relief! I am glad being afloat has worked some magic.

    • The trouble is all the candidates now for the Tory leadership are either pro Brexit, or at most lukewarm about remain. It became very clear pretty quickly that despite campaigning for leave, BoJo actually wants to be in the EU. My guess is he thought Leave would lose by a narrow margin, he would be the hero of the far right of the party, and in a good position to run as leader in a couple of years time on a popular vote. It hasn’t worked out like that and he’s walked, perhaps pushed a bit hard by Gove.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one to be hurting still. I was shellshocked last Friday and it hasn’t really got any better. Friends who voted Remain like me feel the same. I suppose it’s the sense that we sleepwalked into this… that we thought no-one in their right mind would want to vote along with racists.

    And now it’s revealed that the claims on which the Brexiters sent the country into freefall have crumbled to dust because they were just lies.

    I’ve just joined the Labour party, just because I had to *do something* and at least in future I’ll to be able to have a say. The strongest chance for the country is to back some kind of alliance of The Rest against the Tories and Facists.

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