Welcome to the Weekend

having a look

having a look

MasterB likes to go out onto the step at the rear of das Boot and check out any action at the marina. He raises his nose over the parapet, and safety in the rear cabin is just a jump away.

what's happening?

what’s happening?

Quite a lot of his time is spent asleep under my pillows, but he does feel the need to get up and be active periodically.



He woke me from a profound sleep last night with insistent low level mewing. Reluctantly I surfaced and registered the smell that told me he had used the litter tray for solids. There is something about bagging up used cat litter at two in the morning which is injurious to further sleep, so I tossed and turned for two hours while the skies turned from deep navy to dawn light, when thankfully I nodded off again, MasterB on my feet. Maybe that’s why I am so tired tonight but once I have posted this, I’m going to prepare for bed and have an early night.

Tomorrow I’ll catch up with Celia when we join a group of fellow culture seekers on a charabanc outing to Essex. I ma hoping she has seen this interview with Michael Heseltine, grandee of the Tory party who famously listed his ambitions on the back of an enveope when he was still an undergraduate. The two top ambitions were to be his party’s leader and to be Prime Minister, but after waving the mace around intemperately after the Westland affair, those ambitions were fairly scuppered.

If he weren’t now 83 years old, I’d say his moment had come. He is scathing about Brexit, scathing about Boris Johnson, scathing about the current vacuum in leadership in my country. He doesn’t mince his words, and I have never liked him half so much before.


10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend

    • I think his view that Boris, Farage and Gove should negotiate is correct. They got us into this mess. They said the EU would be so desperate to continue business with us that we could get a great deal. Now let’s see them delver, and then let us vote on whether we want to go ahead or not.

  1. I am getting my pleasure, here in the U.S., from listening to scathing interviews/op eds against Trump. It is the antidote for what I hear coming from his mouth and the mouths of his supporters.

    • Don’t take too much comfort. Here people voted against what experts were saying. Gove (now a candidate to be leader of the Tories and the next PM) said people were tired of experts.

      • That is exactly what people are saying here about Trump supporters. It makes it impossible for them to take in information that will make them “informed” voters. In their everyday decisions about purchases they go with their gut and then can have buyer’s remorse. But voting for president that can cause a lot of pain and damage in four years is a whole different ball game. It is very scary indeed. And if the U.K. doesn’t find a way to invalidate or ignore the vote it will be forever. I’m not getting comfort from what is being said about Trump as much as pleasure in hearing other people say what I have concluded from listening to him.

  2. That hair, those eyebrows – are you sure Haseltine doesn’t levitate at midnight and fly about the countryside?

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