So Why the Long Face?

The weather, work and pleasure have conspired to create a pleasant week. It’s been warm and sunny suggesting that Summer may be catching up belatedly on her duties to ripen the corn, make us smile and allow the baring of feet.

Work has taken me to interesting places, and MasterB, intimidated by two new young cats on the block, has needed my reassurance and company in the garden, meaning I spent a relaxed hour or so reading my book by the cherry tree when I got home this evening.

Hampton Court Flower Show has been strutting its stuff. I didn’t have tickets, but I did visit the palace which was wonderfuly empty while the horticulturalists and other thrill seekers examined the exhibits and stocked up on plants.Entrance gates Hampton Court palace
I caught some of it on the television and was very taken with a pergola made from the splayed branches of a dead tree reaching toawrds each other lke etoliated fingers. I was hoping to find a picture online but no luck so far. If you were there and you have posted a picture, please do put a link to it in the comments box.

The hollyhocks in our own garden are looking pretty wonderful, though the display isn’t as full on as it has been in previous years.Red hollyhock

As well as reading I had my camera and among the pictures taken of MasterB I think some may be on the calendar shortlist, though the one showing his face sweetly uplifted is alas not quite in focus.

So all in all a pretty nice time, but I am glum. There have been events commemorating the Battle of the Somme and the awful needless carnage; quotations about lions being lead by donkeys. The Chilcot report has been published with damning conclusions about how this country rushed into a war without exploring all other possiblilities first, lead by a Prime Minister who believed he was doing the right thing, though thousands of us marched, spoke out, protested at the wrongness of it. Lessons must be learned it says, and a lot more.

Two weeks on from Brexit and the way is not clear. I have moved from shock through despair, denial and now I have reached fury. This piece by David Hare made me first want to cheer and then to cry. The same section had other writers, including Jackie Kay, reflecting on the result. You can read the whole thing here, but something weird has happened to the layout.

And a little voice keeps speaking in my head asking why we are going to respect the result of the referendum when nearly all the experts, those people Michael Gove said we were tired of, say its a disaster, and numerous leave voters are fessing up that they didn’t expect to win, didn’t want to win, their votes were cast as a protest. Why are we hellbent on marching to our destruction? The lessons of history are there to be learned. To get the wrong orders and still march towards the guns because someone has told us to is irresponsible.

Politicians can say it is their duty to respect the electorate, though on past experience they are jolly good at selecting what they they want to respect and ignoring the rest, but they also have a duty to govern. I am waiting for a senior politicain to stand up and say Michael Heseltine is right, what on earth are doing? and for a forest of politicians to stand up with them. A sort of “I am Spartacus”. And what is so depressing is they won’t. They are too frightened of their careers, of a Brexit backlash, to acknowledge the referendum was a badly run shambles, that people voted without understanding what they were voting for, and that to carry on and to leave the EU invites a catastrophe that will haunt this country for decades.

Donkeys? If only.


6 thoughts on “So Why the Long Face?

  1. Very eloquently put Isobel I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say, a perfect summation to this ghastly episode…what more can be done to change the outcome? I have already written to my MP twice and third time this weekend….

    • I don’t know. It feels to me thart we need to ditch the rhetoric, to just say hold on everyone, let’s look at what we are about to do; what are the impacts of our proposed actions; if after cool considered reflection we are still confident it’s a risk worth taking then go for it. If not, step back, bow our heads and forget about leaving the EU, but make sure we address the needs of the most vulnerable, the powerless in our country so their protest does not go unregarded.
      What have you said to your MP?

      • We basically asked our MP who voted to remain, if he could do anything to prevent Article 50 being invoked …he said he was representing the views of the majority of his constituents and therefore would not oppose it!!! We then wrote again after the legal stuff came out from Professor Grayling of New College, asking him to reconsider his current position but had no reply to that! We intend to write a third time pointing out the difference between a “delegate” who is charged with presenting the views of his constituents and a “representative” elected to form part of the govt whose role is to do what is the best for the country! I can send you our exact words by PM if you wish?

        • We go round in circles. We didn’t vote as constituencies, yet our constituency MPs are the people we have to go to. I am guessing if you wrote to another MP s/he would say s/he couldn’t help as you are represented in parliament by someone else. Also the MP is supposed to work on behalf of all constituents, not just the majority. Yes, I should be very interested to see what you have written.

  2. Strange, I can see the pictures in this post… maybe our internet is getting it together! The gallery of MasterB is sweet. Maybe you can sharpen the picture of MasterB that is out of focus a bit in a photo editor, although it doesn’t look out of focus on my computer. I always enjoy pictures of him on the picnic table!

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