Boat Post

Made it to das Boot with MasterB.


He seems pretty relaxed. We had a walk around for an hour, and it was me who brought it to an end, not him. But halfway up I realised I hadn't brought any sachets. I bought some Lily's Kitchen, thinking he'd find it a treat. And only remembered when I put it in his bowl that he's not a fan of this brand. I found a couple of sachets of his usual at the back of the cupboard, but tomorrow there'll have to a a detour to somewhere that sells his usual food.

Do note the new toy/scratching post. Boat sized. And he has a bigger one at home. Not exactly sophisticated living, but if it stops him scratching the furniture I can live with it.

I watched The Dog Rescuers on Channel 4, the trailer for next week's episode was shocking, showing a greyhound whose muzzle had been taped stopping it from eating, drinking, yawning. Who does things like that?

I looked away from the television and saw a the most stunning sunset. I am not a big fan of sunset photographs as the reality is always a thousand times better, but I couldn't resist this time.




6 thoughts on “Boat Post

  1. I agree with you about the real sunset being the real thing but seeing some sunsets from the marina would be very nice… 🙂 MasterB looks very at home to me! Love him on his back, not a care in the world.

    • MasterB seemed very relaxed this time. I am lucky, or he is lucky, that I get to go there midweek when hardly anyone is around, so it is very quiet. This weekend the weather is good and I imagine the marina and the river will be busy, but I am working, so it’s London for me and my boy.

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