Home Thoughts From the East

OK I am back in London where, although the thermometer tells me the temperature is the same, it feels much hotter than in the country. Tonight, having cleared some space on my laptop, I have been able to download some pictures from my little Olympus.

Goodness I feel conflicted. I grew up in the countryside. I walked to school through a housing estate, where I lived, built on farmland, through more farmland, and my first school years were beside a sheep farm. We had plenty of opportunity to witness the cycles of life. I thought lambs were born in plastic bags.

The countryside exerts a huge pull. But I live in London. Unlike New York, it sleeps, but there are endless exhibitions, free events, wonderful theatre. My neighbour Wendy, who has a number of serious health issues, has been disregarding her partner’s instructions. He is away from home, and, anxious about her wellbeing, has told her not to leave the house. Well, huh to that. I have met her out and about the last two days. She is very interested in the pretty tabby I have told her about, though partner has banned any new cats. We stood on the street, and were joined by other neighbours. Wendy’s health issues have not dimmed her interest or attendance in theatre. Time was I’d see her dancing through her housework which she’d do accompanied by the soundtrack to shows such as South Pacific. One of the neighbours who joined our chat – never believe the rubbish that Londoners don’t know their neighbours – explained she had lived in Brixton, had not heard of Walworth, and now could not believe how central was her location.

But this is not what I intended to post about. I have a few pictures on my camera from das Boot. Pictures I hope will help you understand why I love being there. Pictures which show MasterB relaxed and contented afloat.






I hope you are reading this Celia Hammond. Though to be fair, had not CH rejected me as some cat torturer because i took  my cat to my boat, I might not have adopted MasterB. And as he is the most wonderful cat alive, that would have been dreadful.

Our last night afloat, MasterB, zen and stretched out in the fore cabin, was completely oblivious to these birds chirping and sitting on the rope attached to the adjacent boat.


I only had my little camera, so couldn’t zoom in discreetly.

You’ll understand why I hope to get back there soon.


4 thoughts on “Home Thoughts From the East

  1. As I looked at your photos I could feel myself relax. Yes, my vote is for you to keep the boat another year – and then make another cost/benefit analysis.

    • Thanks Pat. Sometimes when I go there it is when I realise how tense I have been. I feel my breathing change. Life is pared down on a small boat. At least one more season I think.

    • Before I was always leaving MasterB, and before him Cat, alone for the day when I went to be with another or Aunt. I realise now how much happier MasterB is when I am around most of the time. Obviously it is much nicer for him when the marina is quiet and I guess it gives him a break from the sudden surge in cat numbers visiting our (his) garden here. And I am thinking that either or both of these puctures could be included in the calendar!

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