Before I left for work this morning I emptied, cleaned and replenished the litter tray twice. MasterB had had a pee sometime in the night, so I bagged that up before breakfast, washed my hands and made my coffee and toast.

While I showered, MasterB joined me in the bathroom and evacuated his bowels. I opened the window wider and wondered if this was an experience familiar to Mark Twain, Albert Camus or other famous cat lovers. I don’t recall any scenes in L’Étranger where the protagonist interrupts his introspection to bag up cat poo.

There are moments when I feel my life lacks glamour.

I also wrote a little list for myself, cryptic reminders for things I want to get done over the next few days; bathroom shelf, bolt, catfood – sachets and biscuits, invoice TG, bottles and jars, bolt and drill. I examined the tomatoes but didn’t photograph them. That had to wait until this evening.

They are doing well, and the flowers give promise of more to come. One of the coantiners has four plants supported by a wigwam of canes. This was working well until I went to Ireland. I suspect underwatering dried out the compost and the cans became wobbly. Now the tomato plants show a distressing tendancy to fall over at any provocation. I have just rescued an orphaned green tomato untimely ripped from its moorings by one of these falls.

Some of the items on my little list are to do with the boat. I don’t want to have to go off and buy more provisions for MasterB when I have plenty here. I need to reattach the bolt to what is jokingly called the wardrobe in the rear cabin to stop MasterB gaining access. I brought the bolt home with me to find screws that fit – it had been attached with Araldite – and somehow I managed to mislay it this afternoon. It’ll be somewhere obvious, like Cousin’s car keys, but it’s annoying me rather that I have set it down and now can’t find it. Fortunately I have a spare so the repair job can still go ahead. I want to replace the bathroom shelf which is chipped. I have the measurements but so far haven’t found a suitable replacement. That item may be transferred to future lists.

Before I started work I chanced to meet a friend, a colleague I sometimes work with. She was having a coffee and a cigarette before her day’s work began, so we stood in the Westminster sunshine and had a bit of a gossip. Very pleasant. I got home mid afternoon and I do not know where the hours have gone. MasterB wanted attention and play. Also biscuits. He’s outside now so I can post this. When I downloaded the pictures of the tomatoes there were also some of the Grey Ninja from last weekend. Obviously MasterB is the most beautiful boy in the world, but the Grey Ninja is surely the most beautiful girl. If I were a script writer in the Disneyesque mode, romance would be soon blooming on screen near you between these two neutered cats.

the most beautiful girl

the most beautiful girl

the most beautiful boy

the most beautiful boy

I’m hoping for an early night tonight. I have work all day tomorrow and my sandwiches are made and in the fridge. Yesterday I stayed up late to speak to Vicky in Melbourne and enjoyed watyching Bradley Wiggins and the rest of the team win gold. Then my head was buzzing with the plans we half made and sleep did not come quickly. So the Olympics are going to be rationed tonight, and I shall head off to bed with my book as soon as MasterB comes inside.

10 thoughts on “Saturday

    • She was a Russian princess, he a stray of uncertain origins. All they knew of each other was their smell, picked up from their owners’ fingers. But romance blossomed across the walls that divided them in their London homes…

  1. Your tomatoes look lovely Isobel! I have had a good crop this year too. My favourites were grown from a slice of tomato placed in a pot. I keep reading about the wonders of Epsom Salts but have yet to find them here. I also read that bicarbonate of soda, sprinkled around the roots, makes the tomatoes taste sweeter. I also read that you must give the plants really good support as they hate to feel stress. Like people really!xx

    • I hadn’t realised what blurry pictures I had posted. I shall have to take some more. If I manage to push the container against the wall, swapping it with the one which has rhubarb, I think I can support the plants more effectively.

      I am intrigued by how you have grown your tomatoes. Was a slice of a fruit from this year? How did you go about it?

      • I just placed a slice on top of some good soil in a pot in March. Apparently the flesh helps to feed the seeds. Only two decent seedlings survived and have grown into beautiful plants. They have taken much longer to flower than my bought seedlings and worried that the tomato had been gm or hybrid or something. They are now in full bloom. As for the tomatoes- I have to wait to see.

  2. I have to agree on the beautiful profile of the Grey Ninja! Seeing your beautiful tomatoes makes me wish our tomato season wasn’t over this year. But CH’s cherry tomatoes were sweet treats this summer!

    • We have had such a strange summer that although everything has been growing the ripening has been much slower. But I picked eight tomatoes last night, and it looks like they are going to keep on coming now. Delish!

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