Monday Afloat

Fabulous sunset tonight at the marina, the last rays of the sun showing a perfect blue sky streaked with pink. I was at the end of MasterB’s lead and camera less, so I witnessed but did not record it. After a hot afternoon, the evening temperatures have dropped low enough for me to close the windows and think about putting in a jumper. Hils I was out small creatures were flying close by me. It was dusk and they were moving fast so I couldn’t see them clearly, but I think they may be bats. MasterB sat still on the grass staring intently at something I could not see for a quarter of an hour before I decided to end his sortie. But before you feel too sorry for him, we had by that time been outside for forty minutes.

I had hoped he’d have a pee, and my hopes were raised when he investigated the soft earth, but it was only to sniff, he waited until he was back on board to empty a bladder that was obviously very full. No worries about crystals and cystitis tonight.

The egg lady Janet had a little chat when I bought her last boxes. I needed change so I was more than pleased when she came out of the house. She opened up the honesty box attached to the gate and counted out a pile of coins, explaining that the proceeds from egg sales all go to support charity. That made me even more pleased that I had some egg boxes to give to her.

Last time I was up I left a massive pile of egg boxes that Octavia had been keeping for her. Janet said she guessed it was me. She probably doesn’t have that many customers who save up these boxes for months.

The boat was hot and stuffy, opening the windows was the first priority before switching on the electrics and opening the stopcock ready to run the engine. Earlier in the season the battery seemed a bit dodgy and I thought it might be on its way out, so it was great when the engine started immediately. Then it was time to make up the bed, put all the seating cushions together and cover them with my new rug. It looks great. Now I want a second. Das Boot has lovely upholstery, but I fear for it when MasterB starts to strop his claws, so rugs are deployed in quantity to protect them. He seems to approve, he’s curled up a couple of feet away from me.

The little fridge is full, as is the cool cupboard underneath. I have fizzy water, wine and lager. Older Nephew is coming over tomorrow lunchtime, and I’d like to get some boat cleaning done before he arrives, so when after I post this I am off to bed. I have turned off the television – fabulously clear reception tonight – so I don’t get caught up in the Olympics. I’d like to send an email to You and Yours, a radio 4 programme which has asked people to tell them about their experience with dementia, but although I have faith that. Blogsy will permit this post, the internet connection is not great tonight.

Today, You and Yours played an extract from an interview with Andy Murray by a breathlessly excited reporter whose name I didn’t catch after Andy Murray won gold at the Olympics. How, he wanted to know, did Murray feel as the first person to win gold in the tennis singles twice. Murray rather dampened his enthusiasm by pointing out that. Serena and Venus had each several gold medals from such events.



5 thoughts on “Monday Afloat

    • Thanks Anne. I relied earlier but it seems to have got lost. The connection here comes and goes. It is sunny and hot, and MasterB seems very relaxed and happy. He wasn’t sure about Older Nephew today, but he didn’t run away to hide immediately, only when we started the engine. Very promising!

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