Gun Culture and the Ginger Ninja Calendar 2017

Given I have rather more work to complete than is good for me, I have had a rather gentle day. I caught up with some of yesterday’s paper. There were thoughtful pieces, an interview with Jeremy Corbyn I could not bring myself to read, a piece about very small gardens I have put aside to read later, comment about the presidential race in the US. This picture caught my eye.



At first glance I could not see what it had to do with the headline “How we went inside the heart of America’s deadly gun culture”. I looked again, and realised that the object to the left of the cross in front of the lamp is a gun. On this side of the pond, the juxtaposition of gun, cross and respectable looking woman in her late middle years looks like a trailer for television crime thriller. In so many ways our cultures are close, and generally we seem to understand each other, but the adherence some of our American cousins have to carrying arms is probably the thing that baffles us most on this side of the pond. Not that we are in any position to mock. We have a Prime Minister who wants to repeal the Human Rights Act, says “Brexit means Brexit” which leaves no one any the wiser as we do not know what Brexit means.

Fortunately there was MasterB’s 2017 calendar to put together. I had a bit of a fight with Photos; why Apple should make it so fiddly to select the lay outs you want for each month is beyond me. However, the first version is complete, and has been sent to a discerning customer, aka Pix, for comments and suggestions.

Some of the photos will be familiar to followers of this page. These for example.

So if you are thinking you would like a calendar of the Ginger Ninja to accompany your days through 2017 let me know soon as I shall be getting them printed shortly. The price will probably be about the same as last year depending on printing and postage costs.

14 thoughts on “Gun Culture and the Ginger Ninja Calendar 2017

  1. I had to dig up the original story/photo to see the revolver on the table. Most of my friends would heartily agree with you about Americans Who Own Guns. For better or worse, I’ve come to know a number of gun owners and while I don’t find their justifications for owning or carrying weapons very persuasive, they are absolutely convinced that these weapons will keep them safe should they ever (and we fervently hope that the day will ever arise) need to defend themselves. If religion is a ritual practice by which the practitioner can obtain a level of peace and inner harmony not available to them otherwise, this is their faith and I can only leave them to it. Of course, there is that subgroup of people who like to shoot – targets or animals – where the purpose of the weapon is not explicitly to kill another human being.

    And then there are the gun-humpers.

    On a much more delightful subject, I think we are good for 2 calendars this year.

    • You are getting very good at finding your way around a The Guardian online! What on earth are gun humpers? So called sportsmen and women who get a kick out of killing animals for the fun of it are as alien a species to me as little green men.

      Glad to know you want two calendars. As you aren’t visiting this year let me know how you would like them delivered.

  2. Gun humpers; gun fondlers…I think the allusion is pretty evident.

    I’ll send you my courier details when the time comes for shipping MasterB on over.

      • Good to know Octavia is down with the hip lingo. Urban Dictionary is your friend when coursing through the waters of internet-bred terminology. Although many times, I have found I was happier when I was ignorant.

        Speaking of local color, I read that the V&A has an exhibit that might propel me over to visit.

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