The Ginger Ninja Calendar 2017

It’s almost here. Some adjustments after feedback from Pix, and it’s off to the printer tomorrow.

Can You Resist?

Can You Resist?

The price this year will be £8.50 plus p&p, which I shall confirm in the next couple of days. You can pay via Paypal and if you register your interest here I shall be happy to give you my email address if you don’t already have it.


9 thoughts on “The Ginger Ninja Calendar 2017

  1. I was about to say it seemed rather early this year and then I remembered your upcoming Grand Adventure. Hope Mr Pin-Up Cat takes lots of takers this year.

    • I think that is an anthropomorphic interpretation that suggests a sexual awareness the ginger one seems entirely to lack. Bizarre because he was around a year old when neutered we think, but despite (thankfully less frequent than formerly) erections suggesting some degree of excitement, he is the most neutral of neutered Toms.

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