Calendars, Comedy and Supersoakers

The Ginger Ninja 2017 calendars have arrived. It’s always an oddly exciting moment. Tonight I’ve been slipping them into the cellophane sleeves, putting them with the stiffened envelopes to stop them being bent in transit, writing the addresses on the first ones to go in the post tomorrow.
Most are already reserved which is great. But if you still want one you can still order one. They cost £8.50 plus p&p, that’s £2.50 within the UK, £4.50 for Europe, £5.50 for the US and Canada, and £6.00 for Australia and New Zealand.

The easiest way to pay me is via PayPal. My account is linked to my email address which I can send you. Once I have received your payment I can send the calendar. Easy peasy.

There’s a new comedy on Channel 4 called Damned with Alan Davies and Jo Brand. It’s about social workers which doesn’t sound the most promising subject for laughs, but it’s written by Jo Brand who has an ear for these things and the black humour prevalent in places where people work at the hard edge of society.

I’ve also been outside prowling the garden armed with a blue plastic super soaker. It’s quite a strange feeling because it is of course shaped like a gun, and I am prepared to fire, or water I suppose would be the correct term, should it be necessary. It feels a bit like a scenario David in Cold Feet could be in and it all go horrible wrong. The super soaker has an impressive range – I have tried it from the bathroom window at a non-existent feline – and the local cats who think they are going to take over MasterB’s territory will be thinking again. I wish I had had one over Cat’s alst winter when his hearing loss meant he wasn’t always aware of the fox cubs playing Grandmother’s Footsteps with him, and I would chaperone him armed with two water sprays. In his youth he needed no such back up, but MasterB is not much good at defending his territory and I am the cavalry. Not quite John Wayne, maybe a bit more Wendy Craig.

12 thoughts on “Calendars, Comedy and Supersoakers

  1. So that’s £17 I owe you for 2 calendars which I will sort out tomorrow time permitting (at work).
    We’ve been indulging in QI via the internet and therefore we love Alan Davies and Jo Brand and all the other of the folk you must get tired of because they are always on the panel shows on tv or on radio or hosting baking competitions being brilliant. A good bit of wit is just the thing to end a slog of a day.

    • Great, and if you give me the instructions for your transportation again that should work, though I remember it only did last time because someone in the shop had the relevant form. Maybe you could email one to me.

  2. Excited about the calendar! I will do the PayPal thing this morning. The thought of you armed with a blue plastic super soaker makes me giggle a bit this morning, but I’d do it too for MasterB! Very sweet memory about Cat. Had not heard you had done two water sprays for him ♥

  3. the new calendars look lovely! i can just imagine how it must have felt when you received the calendars, and looking through them. i had a similar experience when Timmy’s books were delivered from the printer… always rewarding to see a project transformed from your initial plans to the finnished product, isn’t it! congratulations!
    and the super soaker! that’s quite funny – but very helpful for Master B, I am sure. Timmy’s neighbourhood is home to raccoons and coyotes, so super soakers would not help much, and he only gets supervised visits outside.
    Timmy sends purrs to you and Master B.

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