Of Vitamin Paste for Cats, Family News, Brexit (again), GBBO, and the Absence of Ethics

A quickie post as I am off to enjoy supper with Octavia shortly. We usually eat together on a Sunday and catch up with some of each other’s news. it’s always chez Octavia as she has more room than I do, so I get to catch up with the Grey Ninja too. Tonight I shall be taking the said ninja some cat vitamin paste,. I got it with the reward points I have accumulated on the one of the sites where I buy MasterB’s food. It is supposed to prevent hairballs, something I have yet to see MasterB produce, and which the Grey Ninja, being a breed (Russian Blue – her pedigree name rivals that of the Tsar) that barely sheds, is unlikely to suffer with.

The blurb said it was a taste no cat could resist and recommended it for when you have to medicate your pet. Great I thought, that should make the worming tablet less traumatic all round. But MasterB finds it all to easy to resist. I put a centimetre or so on a saucer for him as a treat. It’s still there twenty-four hours later, loooking like a short, rather fat, slug. Maybe the GN will find it more to her taste.

I became a great aunt, which was very exciting. I received an ecstatic text from Nephew who is obviously a very thrilled parent. Pictures followed, including, finally, one of his daughter with her eyes open. This good news has been tempered by news that the eldest son of my cousin Tom, also called Tom, is in a coma following a cardiac arrest. Cousin is keeping me in the loop, but they have been warned there will be brain damage. He’s forty-one, married with two little girls. Though I am not religious, I went into a church yesterday and filled in a card asking the congregation to pray for him. These are the moments when you feel utterly powerless, and prayer is the one thing you can offer.

Bake Off continued and one of my favourite bakers left the tent. Don’t worry Nadbugs, I shan’t tell you who it was. The shocking news that GBBO is to leave the BBC for Channel 4 has been a welcome distraction from what isn’t so far happening with Brexit. Some days I can almost convince myself it won’t happen at all. Then Theresa May goes and announces that Article 52 will be triggered by March 2017. My heart sinks to my boots. Does the Prime Minister and her Cabinet have a plan? If so, they have communicated precious little about it to the British electorate. BoJo said something the other day that was immediately contradicted by Number 10 – a nice example of a metonym I am sure Octavia will agree – so I just hope Armando Iannucci, Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton are sitting with sharpened pencils ready to satirise the whole thing and keep me off the anti-depressants.

One of the things I fear most is that in the pursuit of an economic salvage job the UK will reach trade agreements that ignore its trading partners stances on human and animal rights. The EU has made great strides to protect animals from some of the ghastly practices the farming industry has dreamt up to produce food cheaply. When Teresa May or any other politician starts waving papers and saying how good this is for the UK she isn’t going to want us to see the small print. She has made time to meet Rupert Murdoch, which sounds suspiciously like she is hoping the Super Soaraway Sun will report kindly on her dealings and anyone who questions them will be stigmatised as an unpatriotic wet blanket. Ditto reporting in the Daily Mail, whose strapline ought to be Spleen. Responsible reporting is not the ethos of either of these publications.

The one consolation about GBBO’s imminent departure from the BBC is, for me, that it is from the Murdoch stable. If the BBC can come up with something that Rupe’s lawyers can’t claim as intellectual theft or whatever the correct term is for a programme that closely resembles another programme, I for one shall be delighted that the licence fee is not going to line Murdoch’s already bulging pockets.

I watched Unreported World on Friday Night. A well-fed Krishnan Guru-Murthy was visibly moved and upet by the sight of children starving to death as food is prevented from reaching them, collateral damage in a war between people who ought to know better who seem intent on bombing the country into oblivion, using on one side arms supplied by the UK and the US, on the other arms supplied by Russia.

If this is winning, what does losing look like?

18 thoughts on “Of Vitamin Paste for Cats, Family News, Brexit (again), GBBO, and the Absence of Ethics

    • Yes. As I haven’t heard anything for a few days I imagine there is no significant change. It was hoped he could be moved to a side room where the family could play music he likes. What degree of brain damage is likely I do not know.

  1. Isobel, you are lovely to shield me from GBBO spoilers and I really appreciate that. This way I can still, with courage and fortitude, keep company with your thoughts. My support and presence with Tom. And from that to the less-somber, our PBS is showing the GBBO master-class, where Mary and Paul show us how it’s done. Most interesting.

    • You know Mary has said she will not leave the BBC but Paul has signed a new contract? He has been figuring as a pantomime villain here, and I am sure some pantos this Christmas will have recognisable Pauls in them.
      I am still enjoying An Extra Slice with Jo brand. I watched it on Friday but forgot to look to see who it is made by. If it is also Love Productions, this could be the last series.

      • Oh no, must have starchy Mary and bad-boy Paul. They’re a set. Like MelandSue. I looked at Extra Slice but I missed the charm and whimsy of the real thing.

        • GBBO tonight, and I have just realised I’ll be away for the final. Oh no!
          An Extra Slice was great last week as there was a good panel – Danny Baker, Liza Tarbuck and Tom Aikens.

  2. A happy and sad post and also a worrying one too. Hope your relative recovers and to full health…
    I too have a wild hope that Brexit will not be allowed to happen…I dream of some sharp eyed legal eagle finding an ancient law that will forbid it…I said it was a wild hope…hope the Grey Ninja likes the slug paste!

    • Re Brexit I want to bury my head in the sand, put my fingers in my ears and sing lalala, but it think it is vital that we are vigilant and hold the government to account. The ultra Eurosceptics who believe that everything they think they voted for when they put a cross beside Leave, need to understand that there will be compromise on all sides. And the 48% of us who voted remain still have a say in the country.

  3. So sorry about your cousins son, hope there is great improvement with the next update to you.
    Congratulations on becoming a great aunt!
    I am living in a bubble for a bit just to take a break from Trump. I can hardly type his name.

    • No news about Tom so I imagine no change for better or worse.

      Taking a break from Trump must be quite difficult. He seems to be everywhere on media.

        • If Donald is elected you are certainly going to need your wits and energy after the election. Hope all is well with you. Do let me know when the calendar arrives won’t you?

        • CH just brought the calendar in!!!! Love it… I think it might be the best one yet πŸ˜‰ Oh heck, they are all my favorites!!! Thank you Isobel for making these calendars available to us… it just wouldn’t be right without a calendar of the Ginger Ninja!!!! Love the October collage, November, and December. Also the one on das Boot!

        • Thanks! It is always a relief to know when a calendar has ben safely delivered. The one where he is looking out of the rear of das boot seems a particular favourite this year. There are a number of others where is inside the boat, maybe you could have fun spotting them.
          I think I have to use your comments to advertise the reamaining copies. Who could resist after reading of your delight? πŸ™‚

  4. Beautiful post; a lot of varied feelings here, as life is wont to incur. I have to admit a chuckle at MasterB’s observational powers. We have a dog who is always onto medicine being slipped into his food, and always manages to eat around it, leaving only the medication, no matter how deeply encased.

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