Return of the Cat Woman

When I saw Octavia on Sunday I mentioned how strange I found it that I have become a go-to person about cats in the neighbourhood. I’m sure I don’t know more than the average cat owner, though my addiction to the various pet programmes on the television has taught me a lot, and living with Cat was an education in itself. When the penny finally dropped that Cat was a permanent fixture rather than a temporary self-invited guest, I borrowed books about cats from the local library, books that are no longer in the collection, read about nutrition, and general cat care. That’s about it.

Octavia reckoned it was because I have been involved in a few cat rescues locally. Funnily enough I had been thinking about Trevor earlier in the day. Then there was Odysseus, Izzy and, of course, Cookie.

Tonight I went round to the Kurdish shop for some bits and pieces and the manager called out to me, and began asking for my advice about Romeo. Do I have some sign above my head, invisible to me, but shining in mile high bright lights to everyone else, something like an aura but brasher? The shop manager definitely knows absolutely nothing about my cat rescue activities. He does know of MasterB as he has seen me with him in the street. But there are about a dozen cat owners around here. Why is asking me?

(For those of you who are mystified about Romeo, I mentioned him a couple of months ago here. He’s a lovely cat but he chases MasterB so he is one of thsoe cats on whom my super soaker is deployed.)

Anyway we had a bit of a chat, I said I did not think Romeo was neutered and asked if he’d been taken to the vet. The manager seemed surprised about the vet. How much does it cost, he asked. Not the most promising question when a cat’s health is at stake. I said I’d give him the number of MasterB’s vet and told him Romeo would need to be vaccinated against things that could kill him.

So tomorrow I’m going round with a range of toys (he’s worried Romeo is not getting enough attention), a brush, a list of things he needs to do – flea treatment, worming, the vet’s number and a list of websites for advice and where he can buy the afore-mentioned flea and worming treatments rather more cheaply than at the surgery. I’ll also ask him if Romeo has a bed.

Bright flashing sign or no, I seem to have accepted my role.


7 thoughts on “Return of the Cat Woman

    • As my waist is a dim and distant memory having disappeared under increasing weight some fifteen years ago, I think I ‘ll skip the tights and leotard. The thing I find ironic is that until Cat adopted me I would have described myself as a dog person. I know every bit as much about looking after dogs as I do cats, probably a fair bit more, but no one comes to me about their dog!

  1. I don’t need to tell you how great it would be if Romeo were to be neutered. He might let up on MasterB too! Very kind of you Isobel to help with a list of things that would make Romeo’s life so much better. Hopefully the shop manager will take the list seriously.

  2. definitely you are the go-to person about cats. I need advice! Someone round here – maybe some people – is feeding Mr Trip-Hazard-You’ve-BEEN-Fed-Mouse and he’s getting awfully fat. keeping him in at the moment to remind him where he lives, but do you have any tips? and where is the picture, I hear you cry, in your relentless search for truth…..

    • I fear some people will always feed cats. MasterB definitely gets prohibited food somewhere, a problem as he is on a special diet to keep the cystitis at bay. You can have a disk on Mouse’s collar to ask peole not to feed him. I bought, at vast expense a DO NOT FEED ME collar but apparently the letters wear off quickly, so I keep it for those times when I realise he is ballooning.
      I have swapped MasterB’s biscuits for low cal ones, likewise one of the two sachets he gets daily is now low cal.
      Does Mouse eat biscuits? You can reduce the number you give him and make him work harder for them. The pointy part of an eggbox is good if you don’t want to pay out for a catcher.

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