Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

Well, this one seems made for me. Though it does make me nostalgic (last week’s challenge which I did’t join in with, so maybe it’s a double contribution) for the warm days of just two weeks ago.


Version 2

Not forgetting this one, which from the feedback, is one of the favourites from the Ginger Ninja 2017 calendar!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

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  3. We took a leisurely stroll through the 2017 calendar and do agree the MasterB just finished brushing his teeth and assessing the prospects for the morning is a fab foto. However, I found MasterB sitting among the family photos (is that November?) to be a truly deep and thoughtful photo. Once again the artist and her muse are in sync with the model instinctively knowing that he has a place among your dearest relations. Powerful, really.

    • Thanks Kathy. I nearly didn’t include the new among the family photos, but it has provoked a number of responses similar to yours. My father, not a cat lover, might not have approved, but my mother met MasterB and was one of Cat’s biggest fans, so I reckon she’d be pleased.

    • Thanks Pix. I am going to meet Older Nephew today and we shall winterise das Boot. That involves a trip to the pump out at Ely, so I shall take my little Olympus, leave ON at the helm and hope for some photo opportunities; perhaps one or two of Ely cathedral, aka the Ship of the Fens.

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