Of My Australian Trip, MasterB and a Day on das Boot

Bar a rather late contribution to a photo challenge (I am always amazed at how some people apologise for their ‘lateness’ less than twenty-four hours after the challenge is announced) it feels as though I have been an absentee blogger and bloggee, or whatever the right word is for someone who reads blogs, for a long time. Oh only just over a week? Well, there you go.

The lovely Romeo has injured his leg and is confined to quarters, so MasterB, who has been refusing to go outside unless I am right beside him armed with my Super Soaker, is being bravely independent and has let me know my hovering is de trop. Therefore I am indoors, impatient to go to bed, but happy My Boy is feeling confident in His Own Garden.

The countdown to my Australian adventure has begun. I have been making lists of lists. I thought I was being over organised when I tried to sort my currency last week, only to be told I should have allowed a month. Fingers crossed I am not reduced to begging. Every day I tell MasterB I shall be back before Christmas, that although I shall not be with him that does not mean I do not love him. I am secretly worried that when I get home he will look at me and say, “I live with B&J now. See you around.”

I don’t want him to be unhappy while I am away, to pine, but I do want him to be thrilled to see me when I get home. Is that too much?

Older Nephew is going to complete the boat winterising. I love das Boot but I am not a good boat owner. I wonder if I should give it to Older Nephew now. Should I pop my clogs he would inherit it. I have no intention of popping my clogs just yet.

We had such a lovely time on the river. There was no other traffic. Lots of birds, especially grebes, which I thought were supposed to be rare, but obviously not on the Cam. Lots of herons.

Heron taking off

Heron taking off

Heron in flight

Heron in flight

Heron with outstretched wings

Heron with outstretched wings

Swans too.


A huddle of swans

I see swans and herons in London regularly, so why it should be so exciting to see them on the Cam I don’t know. Nephew and I also took endless picures of Ely Cathedral, aka the Ship of the Fens, from near and far, just as we always do.


Ship of the Fens

After the emptiness of the river, Ely seemed a metropolis.



Metroplitan Ely

Metropolitan Ely

On the way back the light was starting to fade. I was impressed by Older Nephew’s knowledge of clouds and sunsets.


14 thoughts on “Of My Australian Trip, MasterB and a Day on das Boot

  1. Good to see your post and hope his ginger ness comes back indoors soon! Great photos from your visit to the boat too! I am sure Master B will have a fun break whilst you hopefully will do onyour break down under…be sure to buy him an extra Xmas present for your return!

    • I am leaving him outside as long as I can as he has been such an indoor boy recently. I am hoping Romeo is being neutered. He is a lovely cat, a real treasure, but he has decided this is his garden and it’s very hard for my unassertive (with cats, not me) boy.

  2. i have obviously been largely absent too. your Australian trip sounds new to me, but how wonderful that you are able to go!
    enjoyed these peaceful moments. MasterB will be well cared for, and he will love you when you are back, even if it may take a day. Squeeky, Timmy’s predecessor, could be in quite miffed after an extended absence. she would usually be fine in a day or so.
    Timmy less so. he is always up for attention and affection, and he doesn’t seem to hold a grudge after an absence. looking forward to hearing how it all goes. in the meantime, all the best to you as you sort your lists and all your other plans. don’t leave without your passport! 🙂

    • The Australian trip has been on the cards for a year or so. Suddenly it’s next week. Bit of a wow moment.

      MasterB has never turned his back on me, nor did Cat, both usually more than gratified to see me return. I don’t think MasterB grudged my absence, but he got used to the new regime, and after all there was no way he could know I would be back.

  3. Lovely heron photos – I always enjoy seeing them in the local parks here in London. You love your times at the boat – don’t give it away yet. I think you’re a good enough boat owner.

  4. Beautiful shots. And I know exactly how you feel about leaving MasterB; I love what you said about not wanting him to be unhappy, but wanting him to be thrilled when you return. I always fear the dogs will shift loyalties based on whomever fed them last.

    • He is being so affectionate at the moment. When I came home from Ireland in the summer he seemed quite surprised to see me, as though he thought Birgit was the new human in his life. He gave me a good welcome eventually, but it was hardly a cinematic run into my arms.

  5. I found that the fur babies were not all that impressed when I returned home after my month away. Luckily they finally thawed out and welcomed me. I hope you have a wonderful trip away.

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