Face of 2017

Some of the Ginger Ninja calendars are arriving in their new homes.

Can You Resist?

Can You Resist?

This feedback today via somebody who bought one as a gift:

What a lovely surprise! I opened (the envelope) to see an exquisite ginger pusscat. You can imagine the squeals of delight as I looked at each month of the Ginger Ninja’s portraits!! Breaking my rule of not looking at calendar pix until each month is reached. O, what a gorgeous boy he is …. that profile ….. those eyes. And he must live on a boat? Your lucky friend is a good photographer too to catch so many btfl images of him – the male model 2017!
Thank you so much – the most perfect present.

How could I disagree?

To order your copy leave a comment here and I shall email you details of my Paypal account.

Best to do it this week, as I am away for the month of November.

Each calendar costs £8.50 plus p&p, that’s £2.50 within the UK, £4.50 for Europe, £5.50 for the US and Canada, and £6.00 for Australia and New Zealand.

The easiest way to pay me is via PayPal. Once I have received your payment I can send the calendar.


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