Happy Cat Day

I just learned that it is National Cat Day, though which nation I am not sure. A quick surf showed it began in the US, but there seem to be some UK links too, and hey, if we on this side of the pond can embrace the wholesale purchase of tat and massive overuse of the word spooky for 31st October, I think it’s fair to pick something I prefer to copy instead.

There’s certainly a lot less merchandising.

I see there’s also a World Cat Day 17th March, and International Cat Day 8th August. Though every day is Cat Day when you own a cat. And if it’s not, it ought to be.

The art lover

The art lover

In this photo MasterB is demonstrating his appreciation of the art on the walls of our home. Either that, or he’s checking to see if it’s a print or an original, and wondering if the proceeds from its sale in the event of my death might be enough to keep him in cat food. As it’s a print, it probably wouldn’t feed him for long.

However, he is sitting on a family heirloom; my great-grandmother’s knee desk, a gift on her twenty-first birthday, and somewhere I discourage Himself from sitting with obvious success.

He has either perches of which I do not approve. This one for instance:

On the kitchen window ledge

On the kitchen window ledge

When I see him here, I am cross with myself for leaving the window open, and then rather short of breath as I encourage him back indoors. As his journey takes him over the draining board, it also means a bit of bacteria banishing on my part.

I nearly posted one of these two photos for last week’s photo challenge, Shine. On the whole I don’t think the challenges are as good as they used to be. This week’s is Transmogrify. Remember the days of Up and Red? Much more fun I reckon. Though I am tempted to take the mog bit of Transmogrify for my inspiration, but as I think about it, it sounds like a rarifying transgender mongrel cat, and that might be some way beyond my capabilities as a photographer. I’m thinking along the lines of a pantomime Puss-in-Boots.



Shine on

Shine on

Happy Cat Day.


17 thoughts on “Happy Cat Day

  1. Great photos of his gingerness and every day is Cat Day I reckon….last Thursday was national Black Cat Day here to highlight the plight that black cats get passed over in adoption centres.

    • It’s weird how people don’t adopt black cats. They are so beautiful. A friend has one, Nera, who is huge, like a baby panther. She has golden tees and is one of the most gorgeous cats I have ever seen. She is also very sweet and gentle.
      When I rescued Trevor, a well-adjusted friendly white and black cat, it took nearly a year to find him a home whereas Odysseus who was like MasterB’s bookend, and had several issues, was rehomed in a fortnight.

      • I guess it is a superstition thing…Jakey the black cat next door who lives in our house most days when his people go to work is the daftest softest cat you could wish for…you have probably seen him on my IG posts chilling out in the kitchen and garden…

        • The worst thing I know of black and grey cats is how hard they can be to photograph! Black cats are supposed to be lucky in this country, though I know the reverse is true elsewhere.

    • Now he’s grown up, I think you are right, but time was if he had seen a bird or a fly he’d have possibly leapt without thinking. I still keep a very close eye on him when we are on the boat as I wouldn’t put it past him to leap off after a dragonfly, or to catch a fish.

      • You might be right about the boat:) I think that whole thing about cat and water maybe a myth. My cat was gone for weeks at a time. When she came back she got a bath and she allowed it! Given, it was late fall the warm water must have felt good. She ran away for the summer, twice!!

        • MasterB doesn’t show any inclination to swim, but if he fell in, it would be jolly hard to get him out. I know this from experience as Cat fell in once. http://wp.me/pMKim-NZUr
          How dreadful for you when your cat ran away. I should have been beside myself with worry. I am glad she returned safe and sound.

        • I see what you mean, that must have been upsetting. We looked all over for ours the first time with no luck. It was good when she came back, shivering and skinny..

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  3. “Though every day is Cat Day when you own a cat.”
    Absolutely true, so says Timmy, and he sends lots of purrs. The topic ‘Transmogrify’ was one that seemed to call for a bit of cat in my corner, too.Beautiful images of your handsome MasterB. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Maybe that’s a 2018 calendar one too. My favourite of this autumn is the one I included in the previous post.
      He is washing himself at the moment, tight against my hip, but I need to leave him shortly and head out for the evening, so I am hoping he’s going to hop onto the sofa in a minute and curl up there. He has just had a good while in the garden, where at least one of the black and white cats seems to have got the message that this is MasterB’s garden. I do hope so.

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