Undivorceable Art

Like London, Melbourne has a wealth of public art for the visitor and resident to enjoy.
My next trail handily sent me into various atriums (atria?) I should never have found under my own steam.

Not only atria, but also the loos on the 35th floor of the Sofitel Hotel.

Vicki and I followed up with our guided walk, led by Jim, a kindly man in his seventies. I’m starting to find my way around this city and I like it. I like it very much.

Not all the art is great, nor is it to my taste, but some say art can be a great solace at difficult moments in our lives.
I rather agree. A few short months ago this sculpture expresses how many of us rated the chances of both Brexit and Trump’s presidential candidacy.
Though some think solace comes from elsewhere.
Mind you, animals, and even pictures or sculptures of animals are pretty effective too.

8 thoughts on “Undivorceable Art

  1. Thank you for my morning LOL. Isobel, unfortunately we are not having the break between the vote and implementation. Life is getting even crazier as there is discussion about who he is picking for government posts (4,000 in all – 1,000 of which need to be vetted by congress). And the ethical ramifications of all of his financial connections with so many countries around the world – many of whom are not friendly towards us (Russia, for example) makes it highly unlikely that we will know when there are conflicts of interest. His companies are privately owned so don’t have to disclose to anyone, and the president/vice president aren’t covered by conflict-of-interest laws that apply to all other government workers. What a mess!
    Love all of your photos – looks like a beautiful city. Very different than Cuba. 🙂

  2. Awesome header! The art and your pictures are a treat this morning after a long difficult week. All is good now. I am glad you are enjoying your vacation and you are sharing! I am going to go back and look at your previous posts!

  3. That loo needs a scope for checking out the skyscraper neighbors. What a beautiful city – I am much enjoying your travelogue.

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