The Penultimate Leg part 1

I was going to call this the last leg, but that will be Heathrow to Home, and even this penultimate leg divides in separate parts however you look at it.

I was early to bed and earlyish to rise. With only five Singaporean dollars to my name this morning, the hotel blow out buffet was never an option. But I had a very good vegetarian selection at a nearby Indian café last night for a princely almost five dollars, and had the sense to ask if they did breakfasts. The answer being in the affirmative, once washed and my bags rearranged for the nth time, I set off.

It was obviously a breakfast venue popular with locals too.

You may not find Dynamic Dining in any of the eating guides to Singapore, but I recommend it for good food and friendly service. There was a slight hiccough with my coffee which was served already sweetened, but my food was great from the word go. It turns out one of the cooks used to work for P&O as a chef. The before and after pictures of my meal tell their own story.


This chap arrived by motorbike just as I was paying.

Then back to the hotel and a quick trip to the eighth floor for some last views of Singapore.


And then collect my bags to go to the airport. It was a quick journey and I had time to explore Changi at leisure.

I thought they were ready for Christmas when I was here at the start of the month, but more has been added.

But the best bit was the fabulous butterfly garden.

The time has passed in a flash, and now we are being told we can board. I’m on my way home.



8 thoughts on “The Penultimate Leg part 1

  1. How you have kept us informed and entertained on your travels – thank you. So looking forward to hearing lots more about it all – and seeing more photos.

  2. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
    I gather you have arrived. Hope the homecoming and return to Normal is not too overwhelming.

    • Home. Reunited with MasterB. Slept well and woke to gloriously blue skies and low temperatures. Frost. My head somewhere between here and the last four weeks…

      • Snowflakes falling on your website – it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Hope your head catches up with your body.

        • Of course, it’s December! I had forgotten about the snowflakes. Here I have woken up to a frost, and as dawn broke, another bright and sunny day. I am not sure quite where my head is, but I am not entirely present in se17 yet.

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