Ginger Ninja Calendars, Hurry While Stocks Last!

Can You Resist?

Can You Resist?

The last few copies of the Ginger Ninja 2017 calendar are for sale. These are limited edition calendars for cat cognoscenti, and feature my cat MasterB, aka the Ginger Ninja .

They cost £8.50 each, and come cellophane wrapped. I’ve added a contact form to my page to make it easier for you to order. Once I have your order, I’ll give you my PayPal account details and you can send me the money in pounds sterling. It couldn’t be simpler.

Here’s some customer feedback:

I love my 2017 Ginger Ninja calendar! I think it might be the best one yet. It just wouldn’t be right without a calendar of the Ginger Ninja!!!!
DK, Missouri

These were forwarded to me by people who bought them to give as presents:

What a lovely surprise! I opened the envelope to see an exquisite ginger pusscat. You can imagine the squeals of delight as I looked at each month of the Ginger Ninja’s portraits!! Breaking my rule of not looking at calendar pix until each month is reached. O, what a gorgeous boy he is …. that profile ….. those eyes. The male model 2017!
VP, London

Everyone loves it. The waiter wanted to know where he could get one from!
OC, London


4 thoughts on “Ginger Ninja Calendars, Hurry While Stocks Last!

  1. A quality calendar for a quality cat! Call us very satisfied customers. And yes, we’ve already peeked at the 2017 goodness even while Mr December is dozing blissfully on the mantle. If only we could all sleep with that clear a conscience.

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