First Anniversary

This Saturday will be the 14th January. I understand that on the other side of the pond the floss-haired one will be inaugurated as President of the United States, something that strikes me as a being a joke too far, as well as being a jolly disrespectful thing to do on the first anniversary of Aunt’s death.

Or so I thought, but Lyn has just emailed me to say it’s the 20th, not 14th, so goodness knows where I got that idea from.


Auntie Mary october 2015

Auntie Mary October 2015

I meet quite a few Americans through my work. I have yet to meet one who says (confesses?) s/he voted for Trump, which may be significant in itself as I am meeting those who travel away from their home country, and I know a large number of US citizens never acquire or use passports.

A woman today, I’ll call her Jane, told me she is returning on Saturday, and marching on Sunday as a Nasty Woman who is not going to be quiet. She won’t be alone; just her party comprises two busloads of similarly nasty women. She cheered my heart.

We both look forward to the day when Michelle Obama is the US President. Is there anyone who doesn’t admire Michelle? I asked her. She pulled a face. Well the racists don’t, she answered.

As she leaves the White House and a misogynist enters it, Michelle is bizarrely arguably even more important than she has been as First Lady. In that role she has proved herself over and over again someone to respect and look up to, especially women of all ages. With intelligence and grace and wit she has engaged with people at home and abroad. OK she has advisers, but you don’t get to be that good just because you have a good team of choreographers. You have to be a talented dancer in the first place. Just knowing she exists will make her a beacon of hope in a dark time.

Jane and I also discussed Hillary Clinton. I admit I lowered the tone by asking why in hell’s name Hillary wore those awful pyjama suits on the campaign trail. They looked as though they were made of Crimplene, and even a Kate Moss or a Naomi Campbell couldn’t wear them and look stylish. Jane said she knows someone who is friends with the Clintons who claims in private Hillary is warm and funny, but that gets lost when she sets to work. Actually I can dispense with warm and funny in politicians. Hillary’s dedication to detail, her long proven record as a public servant, her reaction at 9/11 would have earned her my vote. And I ache for her. Losing to Trump (yes I know she got more votes, but he’s still the President elect) must have felt like being thumped in the solar plexus and beaten around the head with a baseball bat, because it felt like that to me just watching, and I didn’t have to pick up the pieces of my shattered self and go out and face the world.

So you have probably guessed I shan’t be getting the beers and popcorn in to have a ringside seat on the sofa watching DT (now those initials should have been a clue) take the oath or whatever it is an incoming president does. No, so long as the weather isn’t tipping it down, Celia and I plan to head into the countryside and go for a long walk.

That’s a much better way to remember Aunt and commemorate her passing.







21 thoughts on “First Anniversary

  1. Has it already been a year…. my thoughts are with you as you remember your beloved Aunt.
    And regarding the news on this side of the pond and south of my border, it was quite an incredible unfolding of events. Who could have predicted this outcome? And yet I actually have nothing profound to contribute. I wish my neighbours well, and will put my energy to tasks at hand. How Canadian is that? 😀
    Do take care – and purrs to you.

    • Streep expressed how distressed she was and the pain she felt when he mocked a disabled person and Trump said she was “Over-rated.” Of course, in popular opinion, Streep won that spar. Thank you for putting to words all that I am experiencing. I am in denial, not believing the swearing-in will actually take place. He is not my president and the only thing I could think of that might make it possible for me to change my mind is if he had a brain and soul transplant. And although I believe in science, science isn’t there yet. Carry hugs from me on your outing.

      • She’s just got an hon mensch on Graham Norton who described the news as ‘genius’ at the moment. I think it was Steve from Outward Hounds (if you don’t yet read his blog start now) who I first read saying that Trump is thin skinned. I mean, how long can he last? But who can remove him?

        • I think he will self destruct because his first and only concern is making money and building his brand – he can’t separate himself from that work to take on the work of serving the U.S. citizens. Consequently he will do something unconstitutional and cause a big stink that will lead to impeachment hearings. He will have to do something treasonous and really tick of congress for this to happen. My biggest concern is his bullying and its affect on the media and business corporations. People are becoming afraid of his 3 am tweets that sends stock prices plummeting.

        • Perhaps those effects will have to happen to make people see beyond the lies. In 1930s Germany people listened to the promises of full employment and making Germany great again ignoring the costs until it was impossible not to. I hope it won’t go that far in the US before his supporters see the light. Keep strong.

        • Our democratic system was quite brilliantly thought out so there seem to be enough safeguards against one person getting too much power. Also there are a lot of brilliant journalists that have a firm founding in history, are dedicated to free speech, and passionate about presenting the truth. But you are right, we need to keep strong – with the help of our neighbors to the north and friends across the pond. It is incredibly helpful to hear people from other countries confirm what we are experiencing.

    • We are hoping the headstone will be installed shortly, so maybe that will be on 20th. Or maybe not. If you are looking for a job try monumental mason; it evidently is a trade where you don’t have to hustle for work. I can’t believe how laid back they are about getting the commission completed, though that said, we have long conversations about font styles, punctuation, types of stone which segue into all sorts of other things. Then silence. Lots and lots of silence.

  2. A year already? That is one anniversary that came up quickly in what seemed like an endless year. Puts all the political turmoil into perspective. I have moved beyond staring in disbelief at the on-coming train and am beginning to relish the conflicts to come. Might as well get on with it since it will happen anyway. A long country walk, though, sounds like a lovely tribute and should it stop raining hereabouts I shall try the same.

    • Yes, a year. I find the first year after a death each month I am thinking about the conversations and contact with that person the year before. So today is, I think, the anniversary of when the paramedics told me that my planned visit to Aunt at the weekend might be too late.
      The weather forecast is good for Saturday, so we should get out. Cold and bright. Not sure if we’ll join a group or head off on our own. Enjoy yours.
      I belatedly read the editorial in Saturday’s Guardian about Michelle Obama. It seems I am not the only one counting on her in the current madness.

  3. A much better commemoration than the entrance to the White House of the most disgraceful person imaginable. I too find myself thinking ‘A year already?’ as well. That went fast but not at all well or nicely. Re people with telling initials, not just DT but NF as well.

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