Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience – Auntie Mary’s Walk

Celia and I went on a walk today. We are calling it Auntie Mary’s Walk. We had a wonderful day. I hope this picture conveys something of the ambience.

Auntie Mary's Walk

Auntie Mary’s Walk

For more examples of ambience, click here.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience – Auntie Mary’s Walk

  1. We did have a wonderful day. And I think you’re right – we just have to accept that getting lost is the trademark of our walks together. Means we see things that we would otherwise miss. Although I shall keep hoping that one day we shall achieve our planned route.

  2. We found the elusive Ridgeway’s Rail (so elusive that it had it’s name changed recently from California Clapper to Ridgeway’s) and Sora in the local marsh as high tide was leaving. Not exactly a walk planned in memory, it became a walk of renewed hope as those little Rails and Sora continue to waddle and wade and sort of fly their lives about in spite of the air traffic above, aggressive ground squirrels and admiring birders on land.

    Haven’t yet decided on attending the multiple local Women’s Marches. On the one had, rallies are boring; on the other, historic.

    • Sounds good. We also saw birds, mainly small, one of which was very loud and which Celia tentatively identified as a Coal Tit. Lots of fungi. Some gorgeous dogs and friendly cats.
      Maybe the feeling of solidarity would uplift your spirits on the Women’s March.

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