DT to meet ER, Oh Help!

I am feeling quite protective towards the Queen. I mean, she’s 90, a very healthy 90 I admit, but all the same. The news tonight showed Theresa May and Donald Trump at a press conference during which TM said she was happy to be able to extend an invitation from Her Maj to DT to make a state visit to the UK this summer.

I’m not much of a royalist, though I admit to a sneaking admiration for ERII. And this seems to me a trial too far for any monarch of any age. Can she pull a sickie? Get one of those people who make a living by looking like her to stand in for a stay that sounds painful beyond imagining? How far up her back did TM have her arm when she proffered this invitation, or has she become so inured down the nearly 70 years of her reign to be polite to bores and power junkies that she reckons this will wash over her?

I’m just going to insert a totally unrelated picture of MasterB here to help us all breathe properly and keep our collective blood pressure steady.Snoozing

The idea that DT could be trusted to keep to the code of privacy required of those who get to spend private time with Liz and Phil seems more than unlikely. Selfies in royal bathrooms, tweets about the décor and the cuisine seem all to possible. My money’s on the weekend being in London rather than Windsor.

While we still pursue policies of austerity I am also outraged about the amount of money that will inevitably be spent on security. I should rather see my taxes spent on hospitals, roads, the homeless and the unemployed. Perhaps DT can pay for it all himself. After all, he continually boasts about how rich he is, so why not? Ah of course, he is so rich because he believes others should pay for the things he wants, whether walls, taxes or security.

Tonight he referenced his mother who was born in Scotland, in Stornaway, which he described as serious Scotland , though he didn’t define what he meant by that. Somehow I can’t see him at home among the Wee Frees who still exert enormous influence on Lewis. The Free Church of Scotland ensures that the Sabbath is still widely observed, and Stornaway is also home to a number of members of the Lord’s Day Observance Society, an outfit which lobbies for no work on the Christian Sabbath. If you are a fan of Sunday newspapers this is not the place for you as they are not available, and few shops and local amenities are open on Sundays.

Maybe Donald John’s mother was just relieved to get away to the fleshpots of New York and put all that denial and foul weather behind her.

My own grandmother was a member of the Presbyterian Church which is a close relative of the Wee Frees, and I have a first cousin who married a Presbyterian. According to Mother, who recounted the story with eyes widened in horror, this husband was given a bottle of whiskey (“good whiskey,” said Mother with unusual empahasis) and being convinced of the evils of drink, poured it down the sink. You’d have thought Mother would have been fairly strong about the evils of drink herself with a Presbyterian mother and a father, who though early in his career signed the pledge and was the proud owner of a clock presented to him by the Temperance Society, fell off the wagon fairly spectacularly and drank his way through four farms, condemning his family to poverty and misery. But no, she remained appalled by Jim’s actions and as regularly as she told the story said she didn’t understand why he hadn’t given the whiskey to someone, (possibly herself before being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease banished whiskey from her list of pleasures) who’d have appreciated it.

Not that I am equating Mother with DT. Perish the thought. All my grandfather’s siblings emigrated. Mother and her three sisters all came to crossed the Irish Sea for a new life. Two returned home, two stayed. Away from a society where everyone knew everyone else and knew what their place should be, they reinvented themselves and contributed to Society; helped to make the post war world a better place, championed women’s and children’s rights. But they never got to meet the Queen.

Sometimes I think there is no justice.

20 thoughts on “DT to meet ER, Oh Help!

  1. I smiled my way through your post. Is there an “un-serious Scotland?” I’ve done several trips around it and it all looks pretty serious and rugged to me. Even Edinburgh takes a seriously hearty person. Amazingly my blood pressure is good – I went to give blood at the Red Cross the other day and my blood pressure was a little low so she took it a second time while I sat and thought bad thoughts. Guess who I thought about. love the photo of your beautiful boy.

    • With Trainspotting 2 just on general release, maybe be wanted to distance himself from the heroin addicts. There are still many places where you cannot hang your washing out on was Sunday, or do anything that might suggest your Sabbath is not spent contemplating God and reading the bible.

      Good news about your BP. Mine too tends to be low. Is the Red Cross where you donate blood that is free to donees who need it? We have a national blood doning service here, and in the last year you get a message telling you to which hospital your last donation has been delivered.

      • Yes it is the Red Cross and there always seems to be a shortage. When a was a teen it was my job to hang laundry and I did a lot a praying during the work – God, please deliver me from this. 🙂

  2. Had my American blinkers on when I read your headline and thought Eleanor Roosevelt – which heartened me greatly. She’d know just what to say to him.

    • The meeting between TM and DT was reported here in slightly stunned tones, as DT seemed much more restrained than we have ever seen him on our screens. There was one of his double-barrelled supporters saying that is the true DT, thoughtful, quiet and polite, statements to which this member of her audience listened in some disbelief.
      Of course for you, ER could also have meant emergency room. A place not quite big enough to accommodate the whole of the US unfortunately.

  3. I think the Queen does this stuff without emotion. It’s her job and she gets on with it. Amazing that at 90 she’s still the star act for State Visits.
    I hadn’t thought about the horror of the selfie in the bathroom and the tweet from breakfast etc…..

    • I think it was someone in the Guardian who wrote the line “Just wait until you see our gold…”.
      After more than half a century married to Philip she must be inured to inappropriate remarks. I wonder if use has a private mantra she says to herself? I bet she is wishing she had not taken the decision to have no more Corgi puppies. En masse, those dogs that rush out in front of her are a very effective guard. Do let me know if you meet them next month.
      Maybe they’ll confiscate DT’s mobile while he’s there. I suspect Harrod’s is already stocking up with bling for the expected onslaught.

  4. I’m not much of a Royalist but, like you, I feel quite proud of Er Maj and I was surprisingly concerned when she was under the weather after Christmas.

    I can’t abide the thought of appalling Trump being entertained to a State visit. The man is a total disaster, to use one of Prince Charles’ favourite words, a carbuncle on the face of humanity. I’ve gone back to the image of Master B to calm down 😊

    • I think for people like us who have grown up with ER being Queen all our lengthening lives it is quite hard to imagine her not being here. It will be a bit like losing a parent when she dies I think. We shall lose one of our lives landmarks.

      I dreamt that Trump had died the night after his inauguration. I should like someone who interprets dreams to explain the meaning as he is still alive and apparently in live with signing his name and showing the results to waiting film crews. It looks quite easy to forge. Maybe someone in the WH will carefully undo all these crazy PEOs.i didn’t realise the demos would go on so long tonight or I should have joined one. The photos are encouraging. Have you signed the petition against DT be allowed to come here?

      • Of course 🙂 and watching with delight as the number of signatures grow ever nearer to two million! A friend of mine went to the demo in Cheltenham last night and was surprised to be among about 400 people. Remarkable.

    • It’s his cheering supporters who leave me equally disgusted. Kellyann Wotsit and Betsy Macthingummy. Who are these women? How come they are so damaged?

      • I have no idea but certainly Kellyann Wotsit just spouts absolute balderdash. She makes it up as she goes along and then says she “mis-spoke.” The whole White House scenario now is like a dark and scarcely-believable Armando Ianucci comedy that’s somehow morphed into reality. Deeply disturbing.

        • I can’t take her seriously. Although, having said that, I find her frightening. She belongs very firmly in this gang who believe that the repetition of lies gives them credibility.

  5. Would that we were all spared Trump. Words fail me at the mere sight/mention of his name, and I feel my blood pressure skyrocket. I may be revisiting that picture of MasterB a lot in the coming years….

  6. I strongly share your concern about DT and his decisions, which revert on us all. We must find a way to protect ourselves from him and his government.

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