Westie Pup

I should hate to disappoint a newly ennobled Octavia by refusing to comply with her request. So here are some pictures of Her Puppyness with all her dishevelled charm.

She may grow into her ears one day.

Getting photos of her awake and still is a challenge in itself. She is full of life, loves being with people and has a Miss Marple like interest in everything around her.

She is also keen to find places to hide her treasures, and watching her carrying out her research is fascinating. Toys and chews are carefully set out of view for later enjoyment. Whether she is researching the possibilities of this bucket or retrieving something I am not sure.

All this activity can make a puppy very tired.

And even young bones need to warm themselves by the fire.




17 thoughts on “Westie Pup

  1. Hurrah for Octavia’s request – I wanted to ask to puppy pix but didn’t feel I knew you well enough to set your photographic agenda.

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