It occurred to me that anyone reading the final sentence of my last post might think I would prefer a dog to MasterB.


Not a bit of it. My ideal would be to have both dog and MasterB, though I feel fairly sure that MasterB has no such ambition, so any canine introduction to our household would have to be very carefully and sensitively managed so that his nose would not be put out of joint. Whether that could be achieved is a moot point.


6 thoughts on “Clarification

  1. Perish the thought, Isobel. Having read your previous post that really did not occur to me. I know you are the sort of person whose life, could you happily accommodate both, would be greatly enhanced by a cat AND a dog.

    I hope that one day you will be in a position to introduce a canine companion to MasterB, who may or may not appreciate the idea. I would have the same problem introducing a cat to Abby – or indeed another puppy, but it normally works out fine.

    I’m not even considering the idea at the moment, Abby is a continuing work in progress and a full-time job, but such a delight.

    • Nice to hear from you, and I am glad I didn’t give the impression that MasterB was in any way less loved and wanted.

      If he were a more assertive cat with other non-human animals (he has no problems asserting himself with me or his cat sitters, quite the opposite) I should feel more confident about introducing a dog into the household, though I’d need to move home first. Maybe one from Battersea who has demonstrtaed an admirable indifference to chasing or worrying cats.

      I should have quite happily brought Westie Pup home…

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