April Days

Last year's hanging basket has kindly come to life again with no effort from me other than irregular watering. Despite it being April, which you'll remember in the rhyme is the month associated with showers, and we're not talking personal hygiene here, this April rain in any form has been notably absent. Which makes me nervous for May, associated with flowers and my birthday. I am wondering if some new intern at heaven's weather station has seen the flow part of flowers and mistaken it for a month of gross inundation. The forecast is for frost next week, maybe even snow. I may have a stay at home birthday, and the mice will get a temporary reprieve on das Boot.

So make the most of these pix of the season while you can.

If you are wondering what that last one is about, it's part of the edible bus stop project and presumably will be planted with comestibles soon. It is not however at a bus stop. I'm not being picky, it just seems odd to have an edible bus stop feature in the middle of Guy's Hospital grounds, a place where someone might conceivably need to use a public phone box. It's only a K2 so I am not making a fuss.

MasterB has been enjoying spring warmth and claiming patches of sunshine on the carpet and doing some garden exploring, often with me as bodyguard armed with a loaded super soaker.

I think that second picture will be my new screensaver, and must make it at least to the shortlist for the 2018 calendar.

Maybe you're surprised I haven't mentioned the forthcoming general election. I shall, just not tonight. I am watching with some anxiety what will happen in France this weekend, and hoping Marine le Pen is not going to be the first Présidente de la République.



6 thoughts on “April Days

  1. Excellent photos. And we were with you on the (lack of) April showers here until, of course, this weekend, when the dogs and I were itching to get outside.

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