Older Nephew arrived be times on Sunday and we stood looking at the trees and shrubs moving energetically, and feeling the sway of das Boot beneath our feet. But other souls were out on the river, and I'd added ten more litres of fuel to the tank, so off we set, destination Ely, to collect Celia who was arriving by train in the early evening. We met more boats than last time; mainly hire boats being driven too quickly, Toads of the river to our sensible Rattys, leaving bumpy swells in their wake which made it feel like we were moving over stones.

MasterB amazed me by miaowing and then joining us in the fore cabin for much of the journey. He seemed a bit surprised to see the scenery moving past him, but coped admirably. To date he has been under pillows or blankets for the duration of all boat journeys undertaken.

We texted Celia to report our progress, she confirmed she was on the train. Older Nephew who is a less than secret anorak about some things, turned out to have downloaded the details of her journey, and at intervals announced which part of the country she would be in. She's just arriving at Cambridge now he said as the empty green river banks became busy with people and buildings.

Quiet river

Once moored up, I sent another text with instructions from the Cutter Inn, our agreed rendez-vous, to das Boot, but Older Nephew suggested we walk to the station in case Celia got lost. We stopped MasterB from taking a spell of shore leave, locked up and strolled by the water.

Scoping out the marina

A train that wasn't Celia's arrived from Cambridge and I recognised one of the passengers who got off. So the three of us were deep in chat when I saw a familiar figure walk swiftly past us. Celia! I said, and made the introductions.

She knows of Older Nephew both from me and from her husband Charlie as the two chaps share a love of cricket, and make attending matches, sometimes together, a priority. This happy friendship started when Charlie had a spare ticket and Older Nephew found he could make a space in his diary.

Good time back to the marina and supper, a shamefully mild chick pea curry. I found it disappointing, and although Celia and Older Nephew were polite, we didn't finish it. I am pleased to say that having polished it off for lunch today, and enriched its ginger and chilli content by some degrees, I feel my culinary skills to be redeemed.

Older Nephew drove off into the evening, and Celia and I settled down to study maps and plan a walk for Monday, me apologising in advance for disturbed sleep as MasterB had been vocal both nights afloat. But he'd had a spell of shore leave earlier in the day, the certain mental stimulus of the boat ride, and although he woke me twice, he was comparativey quiet.

In the morning I had actually forgotten it was my birthday until I looked at my phone to find a many happy returns message from my cousin Russell. For the moment, suffice it say I had a lovely day. I may post more about it later, but it's time to stop typing and ferry some belongings to the car in advance of tomorrow's departure.



12 thoughts on “Sunday

    • Thanks Pix. I did have a lovely day, a lovely weekend. The day I’m writing about here is the eve of my birthday. As it’s now cold and blowy at the marina, I may write about yesterday in a while, and try to upload some more photos. Do you like the one of Himself? Possible calendar I’m thinking.

  1. Being met and chugging up the river to the marina on the boat with you and Jonathan and Bosun was the perfect way to arrive.

  2. “Good time back to the marina and supper, a shamefully mild chick pea curry. ” — well obviously you forgot the hat. Do you scrape the seeds out of the hat or add all the bits for greater heat?

    • My only hats were quite unsuitable for the task. But I feel this one is going to run and run, maybe turn into a children’s book all on its own…

  3. Many Happy Returns of the Day! Glad Celia got to visit you.
    I once camped with my family beside the river on the Isle of Ely. We had to hand-wind the ferry to cross to the camp site. Wonderful!

    • Thanks Sally. Please note that we did not get lost even once. Something of a record for us. I shall have to look up that campsite, or was it wild camping?

  4. Happy (belated) birthday to you! Loved the pictures from this trip (especially nice seeing other people get out as we haven’t had much of a chance to of late; a much-needed breath of fresh air).

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