Copybook Cat

When Celia and I looked at the weekend’s photos while afloat I offered to copy them all onto a USB for her, including the many of MasterB on shore leave. She severely blotted her copybook by saying she might not need all of MasterB’s pictures. I believe my disapproval was apparent.

If you look at these, a mere sample, you will, I’m sure, agree with me.

I hope.

Pix? Are you there?

10 thoughts on “Copybook Cat

  1. It was. I realised I had made a big mistake and was lucky not to be pushed overboard.
    Good to have this small sample of the best!

    • Maybe you could give some thought to which ones you’d most like to see included in next year’s calendar. I keep changing my mind…

  2. I’ll do a very early Calendar Guy testimonial by saying I am in favor of any ones where he is walking. He holds his head in a shall we say “Leontine” since “cattly” seems so pedestrian way that is very handsome.

    • My favourite one of him walking is alas slightly out of focus. I shall persevere. I also like the ones where he has spotted something interesting or potentially alarming and his neck seems to lengthen by a coulee of inches!

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