Coventry, City of Culture 2021

I went to Coventry again today. It was fab. I knew it would be. I went there for the first time in February. I fully intend to return before long and explore some more.

It’s going to be the City of Culture in 2021. It’s going to be brilliant.

It’s been twinned with more cities than I can remember, mainly I think because its mission to promote peace and reconciliation.

I think it should be twinned with the Elephant and Castle, SE1. The clue is in the coat of arms.

Coventry is keen on horse too. I think that’s the Lady Godiva link.

Horse on Bin

I confess I love the benches.

I was just falling in love with Coventry when I met a representative From the Cats Protection League who said Coventry people don’t like animals; especially don’t like cats, and that was when I realised I had not seen a single cat sunning itself or strolling across a lawn. I started looking out for dogs, and didn’t see many of those either.

At least one Coventry resident likes unicorns though. But you don’t see many of those living happily with families.



8 thoughts on “Coventry, City of Culture 2021

  1. Love all the elephants, and the unicorn. Odd about the cats and dogs – I wonder why that should be so?

      • War related perhaps? No cats at all is strange. Just thinking of towns in Italy where I’ve seen over 30 years (yes that old) slowly bringing the cats indoors but there were always feral cats.

        And lack of dogs? Are there no manly men who hunt in Coventry?

        Perhaps a city so clean that if offers nothing for those who glean the streets. How about birds?

        • No idea. I did see some dogs, mainly spaniels and collie types. But in The Tidal Zone, Rose, the younger child, campaigns constantly for a family cat…
          CPL and other bodies have almost eradicated street cats, neutering them so the population slowly dies out. We had a feral colony near where I live a few years ago, it was quietly euthanised by the council. Lots of birds. And obviously a unicorn.

  2. Lovely photos. That’s interesting about the lack of cats and dogs. I only recall encountering one community like that in the States (though I’m sure there are more); it seemed pets were actively discouraged. And the people largely seemed humorless and uptight.

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