Where I am Now

I am sitting with my feet up having a pre dinner lager. MasterB is having some zzzs. We are at das Boot. How often do I start a post saying where I am I wonder. Quite often I think, and that's quite in the British sense rather than the US sense, so if you are from across the pond, read it as fairly often.

It's a warm evening, I have the windows open. Birds are singing. Someone is speaking quite loudly and his voice carries across the still water. There is virtually no wind. When we arrived md-afternoon after a chat with Janet Eggs a mile or so short of the marina, the place was full of cars, and people were walking up and down. MasterB meowed and I left him in the car with the doors and windows open, but confined to his cat basket while I removed boat covers, turned on electrics and started the engine.

I let him out of his basket then. The people had dispersed. After sitting in the well in front of the car seat while I lifted bags out of the boot, he climbed out onto the grass. Then he had little sniff around, and made towards where I had my stuff piled into the the little trolley. I thought we were about to both move to das Boot, but suddenly someone appeared and MasterB retreated under the car, out of my reach. I kept ferrying stuff to the boat, returning to sit cross legged on the grass near the car and trying to encourage him out. It looked as though he was ready for a long stay.

My food was already aboard but not stowed. It was warm, very warm aboard, and some things needed the fridge. I decided as he didn't seem in any hurry to move that I'd leave him and make sure the yoghurt would be fit to eat tomorrow. I was just putting the last bits away when I heard a jingle behind me, and MasterB climbed onboard. Whether he had decided he'd had enough of the view from under the car, whether he had worried I might not come back, I don't know. But he seemed very calm, and made it clear almost immediately that he was hungry.

He has been purry and relaxed ever since. Truly, he is a wonderful cat and I could not ask for better.

I'm rather hoping for a politics free stay, but as I have already had a Trump!-you-couldn't-make-him-up one with Jax and Ian, the odds aren't great. But I have also watched two Crested Grebes doing a courtship dance, seen the new cygnets and been amazed at how the goslings have grown. A duck had its bottom in the air while it nibbled weed when I started writing this. Rain is due in the night, and a storm tomorrow afternoon, so some onboard ornithology is likely.

I have a couple of hours to decide if I want to try to get the television to work so I can watch part one of The Handmaid's Tale. When I read it back in the early 90s I think, I was appalled at how possible the scenario seemed. In the news this week Indonesia has started public canings. The images of the expectant crowds, the men jostling to get a good view, mobile phone cameras flashing, the women segregated but looking as they expected high entertainment, and the voice over the PA whipping up the excitement, it was a shocking reminder of how fragile respect for human rights is in so many parts of the world, how easily those rights can be eroded or set aside in the name of religion or the public good. The journalist described it as mediaeval. I'd agree. We learned that the man shown being caned for the *crime* of being gay, was then released into the care of his family, who would be responsible for educating him. I dread to think how that will translate. With this sort of dystopia alive and kicking in a country near you, watch or read The Handmaid's Tale and understand democracy is worth fighting for.


7 thoughts on “Where I am Now

  1. Well said Isobel! The storm overnight here in London was a humdinger. If you get it today, expect a deluge and magnificent thunder.

    • Hi Olivia. It was very loud here, and MasterB was shaking. So a disturbed night. Gradually it moved off and we went back to sleep, himself lying across the back of my knees. I guess he wanted that comfort of knowing I was beside him. Rain again now, but light, and there’s no wind. Some people have left. Hoping it’s dry and quiet later no MasterB gets some shore leave.

  2. We’ve been having storms and deluges here for the last week! And I thought Climate Change was now officially over!
    I need your thoughts on a strange phenomenon in my garden. For a couple of weeks now, I have woken to find random areas of the garden dug up. Having had two dogs in the past I know that they can dig up a flower bed (hence my rockeries) but this is much deeper and wide spread. Early in the morning a couple of days ago I happened to look from the balcony, only two see a gang of about six,large,black hairy pigs! Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to grab my camera and take a picture before they escaped. I know that there is a farmer with some pigs up the mountain nearby but black,hairy ones?! I didn’t see any tusks but they were in retreat. I looked more closely at the dug-up soil and there are definitely trotter prints! Have you heard of such pigs or are we being invaded by wild boars?!!!xx

  3. I don’t think I am qualified re wild pigs! But in London, the rain has brought worms and caterpillars to the surface and our foxes have been digging holes all round the garden. They’ll stop when the weather dries. Maybe it’s the same with pigs. As for climate crisis, I think the worst is yet to come. 😦

  4. The mystery has been solved! Behind our house there are forested mountains. A group of ecologists decided to reintroduce wildlife that was nearing extinction. Among these are wild pigs and snakes!!! The wild pigs have realized that there are juicy pickings of moles in the gardens down by the sea. So it seems that we shall have permanent nighttime/dawn visitors. That is of course until the next hunting season when, I am sure, they will become a great attraction. Fortunately they are very timid and run away when they see you. I wish they could read so I could leave signs telling them where I would like some digging done! I shall definitely NOT have a vegetable plot this year! That would be a great temptation. I found the discarded skin of a rather large snake the other day while strimmng the grass but that is normal around here and the cats usually keep them away from the house….

  5. I’ve been enjoying catching up here; I too tried to avoid politics for a bit and busy myself with other projects. We have not watched any of The Handmaid’s Tale yet, but it’s on the list (I need to revisit the book as well; sad how relevant it remains).

  6. I can’t watch the hand maids tale too often because I end up just screaming at random men on the street ” WE”RE PEOPLE!” and then they look confused and I feel embarrassed…

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