Pictures from the Marina

Time was, I used to take lots of photos at the marina. I don’t know why, maybe I feel I have covered most of the angles, but I don’t take so many these days. And when I do, now that Blogsy seems to have given the thumbs down for the time being to uploading pictures, I rarely post them. But a swan by das Boot always makes me reach for my camera, and the last couple of times I have really regretted only taking my little Olympus rather than my Lumix.

Swan at dusk

So walking around the other evening I had my little camera, and instead of just looking and admiring I took a photo or two. The lavender is well established now and a mecca for bees.

Lavender marina

I noticed that at the neighbouring marina the water lilies were opening up in the sunshine, while the ones by das Boot still seem prepubescent, but the pads, where I look in vain for frogs, are beautiful.

Lilypads and boat

I have an ongoing battle for possession of das Boot with the spiders of East Anglia, and a web like this on my boat would not please me. But there is something very pleasing and beautiful about it’s fragile strength stretched between a pontoon an boat that is not mine.


I am not a great fan of pictures of sunsets. they always fall short of the magnificence of the moment. But walking around with MasterB on his harness as day turned to night, I couldn’t resist this one.



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