In harness

As the time of day MasterB most likes to perambulate is at dusk, most photos of himself ashore are somewhat crepuscular.

He also likes to sit and observe so there aren’t many action shots.

Keeping a low profile

I read somewhere that cats dislike the smell of lavender. MasterB doesn’t seem to have read that page, so he sits among clumps of lavender quite happily.

Pillow face

On board, he has a few favourite places; under the bed pillows is high on the list.

But when it’s warm he prefers to stretch out on the bed sheet.


Increasingly, when we are on the move, he wants to be in the fore cabin. However, he evidently has mixed feelings, and can still be fearful. A citadel of cushions and a biscuit ball keeps him happy.

In his citadel

9 thoughts on “Purrambulations

    • A bespoke harness! Mynwood cats, an excellent service. I’m hesitant to return to das Boot with him until I have some window solutions. I do not want my boy to drown.

      • Indeed you don’t…I thought about the window issue but apart from keeping him on a long lead or somehow tightly netting the open windows I can’t think of a solution…hope you find one soon though so you can visit the boat again

        • I’m going to investigate the product Sophie has found, and make sure I have a bunch of garden canes ready to slip into the runners. In case he works out how to lift the canes, I shall also have gaffer tape…

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