Not a Bad Life

As timing goes, it was pretty good. I'd been back on dasBoot rather less than thirty seconds after a longish (in terms of time rather than distance) walk with my camera when the heavens parted and there was a brief but determined shower of rain. Now it's shaping up to be another lovely evening.


Today I had decided to write. Some of you will now that a few years ago I started a collection of short stories about the Greek gods. These grew until I had around 18,000 words and I realised I was writing a novel. Lots of things happened at the same time: Mother's death and its aftermath, giving up my salaried part-time job and going completely freelance, Aunt beginning to fail. I think these things contributed to the cessation of my Greek gods stories, but the main reason was feeling I needed to structure what I had written, to think about what the point if the stories was. I stopped enjoying them and stopped writing them.


However, they have stayed with me. From time to time I have wondered how Hera is getting on, if her walking boots are still conker bright; if Hades and Persephone have managed the makeover of the Underworld; if Zeus has seen even a glimpse of the light regarding his behaviour; and how Poseidon and Amphitrite's business is going. I have wondered what Max and Dr Jones are up to, if Evangelia has moved to another job, if the Goddesses'Guild is thriving.

So I determined that I should resist the peer pressure at the marina to wash my boat and settle down with pen and paper. And I did. I have two more little stories to add to the collection, one posted on the private blog, one still in my notebook, a third is in embryonic state but I think I know where it's going.


I had also decided that I would put down my pen at half past three and go for a walk with my camera. I don't think I shall ever make a wildlife photographer, but I'm hopeful that when I get to download my photos there will be some of butterflies and other insects that are worth keeping. Not having my walking boots with me, I kept to the mowed path and the road. On the road I was looking for clumps of poppies by wheat fields, and not looking for Theresa May running through the fields. As it was, I saw neither, but when you start looking for one thing you often find another. Some of the fields were blue green with growing leeks. There were squashed beets at intervals along the road. Grasses and hedgerow flowers abounded, and on the oak trees and horse chestnuts acorns and conkers flourished in an embryonic state. Equally promising were the flowers on a the blackberry thickets. For the past few years I have done my blackberrying here in the east. The fields around Reach are npmy favourite spot, but blackberries closer to das Boot are also attractive.


Between that paragraph and this, I have had my supper, it has rained again, and now the birds are singing on a still evening where the cloud is parting to reveal celestial blue skies. I am hopeful that MasterB and I shall enjoy some shore leave together. Most of the people who were here yesterday and today have left, though there is a boat moored a short way off along the river where the men are now fishing, and MasterB may take fright at that. Unusually there is a fly on board. My fly swat is to hand, and with luck it will be persuaded to leave without murder being committed.


I don't yet know whether I shall return home tomorrow or Tu. There are arguments in favour of both days, but probably the most persuasive is whether MasterB has a decent time ashore. Last night after I has gone to bed, he tried the windows repeatedly, mewing in frustration at his incarceration. I felt sorry for him, but not enough to let him risk his life drowning. A frustrated live cat is preferable to an adventurous dead one, especially when his freedoms will be restored as soon as we get home. Janet Eggs has promised there'll be a dozen of her hens' best waiting for me, Older Nephew is coming to the flat on Wednesday for his induction session as he is cat sitting while I am in NI. I have glorious green veg from the organic farm, and if I stay tomorrow I shall do some boat cleaning.


It's not a bad life.


4 thoughts on “Not a Bad Life

  1. Goodness, you are writing fiction about Greek Gods. I have another friend who is writing fiction about Greek Gods. I am always ready to read fiction about Greek Gods. It must be more than coincidence. Hope the rain showers have brought some cooling to your weather – I hear it has been warmer than it should be, or apparently London’s new normal. Ours is also warmer than it should be, or perhaps just warm as it will be from now on. Gods only know.

    • I have most of them posted on a private blog. I can send you an invitation to follow if you’d like.
      It was very humid here yesterday afternoon, and the cloud was quite low. It certainly felt fresher last night, and today is beautiful. It is hotter in London, so it’s nice to have a few days away!

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