Isobel and Fiona Go Shopping

I live in hope that tonight it will still be today when I go to bed. True, I was between the sheets a whole hour earlier last night than on Sunday, but it was still more than hour after my desired bedtime. So again this morning was a later than anticipated start, and I did not take Westie Boy for the walk I promised him before I left for Belfast.

My intention had been to arrive betimes and spend few hours wandering and looking, maybe stop in one of the many coffee shops for elevenses, and go to the Linen Hall Library café for lunch. As it was I started with the lunch, a very lovely mushroom soup with some wheaten bread. Then I set to wandering, but as I had an engagement to meet Speccy at three o'clock at City Hall I needed to make sure I did not wander too far.

My wanderings found me a branch of Tiger, a much bigger branch than the one I usually patronise at St James Park station, and I duly wandered in and around it, emerging with several purchases, including a new collar for Westie Boy. I doubt if it'll make up for the missed walk, but it is a boyish blue, so when he feels doubts about the floral pink number he currently sports on his perambulations he will have an alternative. I think he's pretty comfortable with his sexuality, or lack of since he has been neutered, but it was an excuse. For myself I could not resist the carrot shaver which looks like a big pencil sharpener. Alas, I forgot to pick up some organic carrots in M&S before getting the bus back to Cousin's.

More wanderings and I found myself outside a shop that led like stationery heaven. It is a constant wonder and source of curiosity to me how many of us seem hard wired to love stationery, just how does that fit in with evolution? Were some of our Neolithic ancestors similarly addicted to early chisel like implements?

I couldn't see prices on more than half the objects, and things I really lusted after were too big or in other ways impractical to consider for a flight back to London, but I did get a bicycle seat cover that will replace the M&S plastic bag I currently have.

My time constraints kept me out of the Oxfam bookshop and I headed back to City Hall, arriving at the café at almost exactly at the same time as Fiona. The café is very couth, but not exactly cheap. Having tempted Fiona with a description of the stationery shop, discussed political allegiances and opinions, we set off more wandering.

Wandering became shopping when we went into Sostrene Grene. We picked up items and cooed over vases, notebooks, shelves and goodness knows what. The kitchen tweezers had us both baffled. A requirement for particularly hirsute chefs perhaps? I don't know how much Fiona spent, but my own purchases reached double figures. I am thrilled with my collapsible lunch box. I hope Older Nephew will be thrilled with his sudoku loo roll. I have a new little chopping board for as Boot, and a plainer, cheaper one for home, as well as a new sharp knife.

Happy days.


5 thoughts on “Isobel and Fiona Go Shopping

  1. Enjoying the notion of WestieBoy’s fluid gender identity, What an exotic shopping expedition! Kitchen Tweezers – perhaps for plucking out pinbones from fish fillets – or – picking up tiny decorations for your fabulous home-baked pastries.

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