Dog Show

It may have been mainly about antiques, but there were an awful lot of dogs.

Some of them looked none too impressed that their walk had turned out to be a lot of standing around. At one point the heavens opened and we made a run for the tea tent. The camera crew carried on filming; dripping marquees, sheltering people, this dog.


The setting couldn't have been better. We were at Stormont. The approach is wonderful, and many of the dogs at the Antiques Roadshow yesterday enjoy their exercise in the grounds of the castle. Quite enough to give a dog a sense of grandeur.


Interest was fairly intense with knots of people gathered around experts.

These experts seemed to favour bright colours, whether in socks or trousers.


And Fiona Bruce's jacket drew admiring glances and comments. We caught up with her in a pre-recording moment talking to a man who had brought a glass inscribed no surrender, which had belonged to his grandfather.

Although all three of us had agreed we did not want to be filmed, we were standing right behind her as the cameras rolled, so if you see a trio of women when this episode is broadcast looking alternately interested and uneasy, that will be us. We stayed as she prepared to talk to a boy and his mother. The boy, or rather young man as it turned out he was 18, Sam won the Norhern Ireland Young Musician of the Year competition, and we were lucky enough to hear him play his violin.

We quickly became paid up Fiona fans. One way or another I have met a few TV celebs. Most have been lovely, but one TV chef was a prat, quite the opposite of his bonhomous TV persona. Fiona Bruce fell firmly in the first category; professional, patient, natural. Unfortunately the black cloud which had been inching closer arrived above us at that point and everything was quickly covered over, the interview took place somewhere else while we sheltered in the tea tent.

Cousin and I had arrived seconds too late to see our friend Jo being interviewed about a ring that has been in her family for generations. We'd told her we were going to be getting our hair, nails and make up done ready to ooh and aah as she told her story, but luckily for her nerves we missed it. Now we have to hope it doesn't end up on the editing floor.

There was a practised level of organisation which made the proceedings seem effortless. The AR logo was everywhere. Even the deck chairs were artfully placed for the filming.

And there were nice touches of humour with quotes from past programmes on the back of the chairs and on the tea tent. The AR logo was everywhere.


If I get the opportunity to attend another recording of Antiques Roadshow, odd though it sounds, I shall certainly go. Especially for the dogs.



3 thoughts on “Dog Show

  1. Fascinating to hear what it’s like to be there. Like the time we went to Gardeners Question Time at the Vauxhall Tea House – much more informal than I’d always imagined it.

  2. I’d love to go to an AR filming, guessing the values is great fun, especially when something really unusual turns up. I’m glad Fiona Bruce was as lovely as expected, I do like her and it’s always disappointing when ‘celebs’ turn out to be horrid – I’ve met a few too!

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