Pictures from the Marina of My Beautiful Boy

While I loved seeing some of my near relations at das Boot. It was very nice to be alone with MasterB when they left. He had not really socialised, spending most of the time we had company hidden under a pillow in the aft cabin.

But with few people at the marina, he enjoyed some shore leave. While he gets scared very easily by passing vessels or near voices, when it is quiet he has a courage and sense of adventure that scares the living daylights out of me.
One or more of these pictures will I hope appear in the 2018 Ginger Ninja Calendar. As it is nearly September I should be putting it together soon, so shout if you have particular favourites.


4 thoughts on “Pictures from the Marina of My Beautiful Boy

  1. aw, he is as handsome as ever! i especially love that second-last image, where he is all paws on the dock but he is looking back and his tail is pointing to the left. i have been on a blogging hiatus for a few months, and incredibly, life gets busy and busier, and somehow not blogging seems to have become quite an easy thing to do 🙂
    however i will be back again soooon… thanks for these lovely moments with MasterB. Timmy sends purrs

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