Day Trip to Walton-on-the-Naze in (many many) Pictures

Well, on Thursday I went to the place mentioned in the title and posted two blogs about my journey. I know, I know, WP recommends regular blogging habits for a success it has yet to define and my irregularity has become the most notable thing about my blogging life. But hey, life is too short to obey rules for a success I don’t even begin to understand.

If you want the details, read the last two posts. If you do, you’ll learn I had an unexpected delay and so time to kill at Thorpe-le-Soken where I had anticipated a dash across the platform to get the connecting train. Admittedly I had imagined a bigger platform. Waterloo it ain’t.

Walton-on-the-Naze is by the sea, just up the coast from Frinton where, if memory serves, I spent at least one holiday as a small child with my parents, sister, great aunt, her daughter and grand daughter Alison. Under Alison’s supervision we dug man traps on the beach but I don’t think we caught anyone. Alison is now a successful (not a WP definition) artist based at Southwold. Frinton’s station platform was colourful.

Anyway. Walton. In a word, lovely. Despite the delay. First impressions entirely positive.

Welcome to Walton-on-the-Naze

As indeed were second impressions. I was already wondering bow much an out of season self catering weekend rental would be. In case you’re interested, I still haven’t found out. And would cats be welcome?

I did eventually find the Nature Trail, though the Second World War dominated for a while. There were several uncertain moments, and one or two where I felt unwelcome, but the landscape, the scenery was enough to make me content.

To say I was a happy bunny would be something of an understatement. The weather was fabulous, the view beyond splendid. OK no wildlife, or at least less than I had hoped for, but golly as a place to spend a Thursday afternoon in September it was pretty good. I mean just look at these, wouldn’t you want to be there?

Last view of the channel

What to look for


As far as the eye can seeA

Silvered waters

After eating a bag of wonderfully hot chips, I had a stroll along the sands, passing under the pier and headed for the station and London.

Under the pier


4 thoughts on “Day Trip to Walton-on-the-Naze in (many many) Pictures

    • Thanks Pat. Looking at the pictures I see I have posted some in reverse order, so I may have to do some editing. It was all very lovely and I am so glad I went.

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