This week’s photo challenge is Windows. I am reposting two pictures of MasterB; one sitting on the sill outside the kitchen window, remarkably insouciant – we live in the second floor (make that the third if you are in a country that counts the ground floor as the first floor); the second is of him looking out at the night at das Boot.

Not a care in the world

Looking out at the night

For more images by other bloggers, click here.

On another note, the 2018 Ginger Ninja Calendar is at the printer’s and I should have the copies soon. If you want to buy one, or find out about the calendar, use the contact form to let me know/ask questions.


4 thoughts on “Windows

  1. Wait – did I miss the annual review of possible calendar poses for 2018? Or, as I prefer to think, have you and MasterB been sorting through proof sheets together with a critical eye towards his best features? Of course we want at least two. May have to canvas the populace to see if we need more. Everyone needs a Ginger Ninja Calendar!

    • I didn’t share them here this time, but two recipients gave me feedback on various combinations. Your views on multiple photos was remembered and you’ll be pleased to learn it’s one photo per month for 2018.

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