Lasting Impressions

I came home last night and today I’ve working, so it was nice, just now, to look at the photos I took while I was away and relive the moments vicariously.

I am rubbish at photographing birds. I have about six out of focus pictures of a Great Crested Grebe swimming about the marina, and at least six more when I have clicked the shutter as it has dived under water. So although this photo of a Moorhen won’t win any prizes, I am pleased with it.


That’s the ever spreading Pennywort covering the water’s surface by the way. I’m not keen on photos of sunsets either, but there something magical about cooking dinner and looking at this view.

View from the galley

Autumn is a time of lengthening shadows and the marina is a great place to see them.

Lengthening shadows in the evening

Lengthening shadows, morning

The boats that were lifted out of the water earlier in the month are lined up like an approaching armada.

Approaching armada

Tiny funghi like daisies sprout in the grass.

Tiny funghi

A walk along the green path leading from the marina finds some plants still flowering, some plants turning to their winter hues. All delicate and perfect.

Green path


Ploughed field



Though it may be a hawkweed, and I don’t know what this plant is called, but it reminds me of models showing the various positions of the planets.


In the next field a brown bull sits surrounded by pale coloured heifers and calves.


At the organic farm the pumpkins are harvested and ready to eat, and the sunflowers have been penned behind a gate.


Gated sunflowers

MaasterB, while largely refusing my invitations for shore leave, likes to keep an eye on what is going on from the safety of das Boot.

Checking out the scene

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