Seeing the Light

Autumn is often a time of beautifully lit days, so when I looked up and saw my fruit bowl haloed in celestial light that made me think of paintings by Caravaggio I grabbed my camera, took a couple of pix.


A touch of the Caravaggios

Then I looked around hoping MasterB would have positioned himself in the full path of the rays. Unfortunately he hadn’t so that glorious beauty is denied us, however, as he is gloriously beautiful in any light we shan’t suffer too much, and I took a picture anyway.

Beautiful in any light

Next, the Alstromeiria glowing pinkly.


Bu by three o’clock the light had acquired a tone I associate with science fiction films of the apocalyptic type. It is light and yet dark at one and the same time. A bit too Caravaggio for comfort; Caravaggio with a knife in his hand and one or two more hidden up his sleeves. It has a hint of yellow, of sulphurousness, a suspicion that the devil has been fiddling with the controls.

Whether this is just a strange oddity, the result of the combination of raised temperatures and more usual seasonal markers, or something to do with Hurricane Ophelia, I don’t know. But it’s now a quarter to five and the sky still has this portent loaded air.

I hope nothing bad is stirring.


8 thoughts on “Seeing the Light

  1. Yes weird dystopian light in Worcestershire until mid afternoon too now sunny but very windy! It was weird as you said light but dark we had lights on all morning at home and a greenish sulphurous tinge that made the red stand out. Also car covered in desert sand…on BBC it is a desert sun and the dust is from Spain and Portugal it been a quite unsettling day all told!

    • Ah, interesting you have had it too. No sign of it until sometime after two this afternoon. The sky remains strangely lit, almost as though there were floodlights directed into it, and as you say, it is dark indoors.

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