Thoughts from Luton Airport

So far so good. Up betimes thanks to MasterB who anticipated the alarm by two minutes, making me wonder if he some special sense of when it’s about to go off. Breakfasted, showered, cat litter replaced, coffee grounds and banana skins deposited in the garden compost bin, crockery washed up and put away, and, with MasterB’s inimitable aid, bed stripped and remade with clean linen for Birgit.

That left time for some play with the Boy then an uneventful walk to the train station.
The first few stops through the City were crowded, but more people got off than got on, and soon I had five seats to myself.
The connecting bus to the airport was similarly empty, and bag drop was achieved in a minute, maybe faster.
But to show one should never count one’s chickens the journey through security – belt removed, iPad from bag, pockets emptied on a conveyor belt choreographed route – was shufflingly slow.
I’m flying from Luton, which even in these days of unglamorous travel ranks bottom of British airports for comfort and customer satisfaction. However it’s easy to get to from home and has become my default departure point for it travel in Europe.
Perhaps stung by the negative reviews, or maybe in a bid to keep Stelios here once the fiasco that is Brexit is achieved, there is a lot of building work going on to improve facilities. EasyJet is the main, maybe the only, airline to operate from Luton, and Stelios has hinted he may prefer to run his empire from within the EU rather then some tinpot state that has voted for its own eclipse.
Still, it’s not over until the fat lady sings, which surely rules out Theresa May who is on the skinny side. She’s started walking with a stoop. As she is a keen walker osteoporosis seems unlikely, so it’s probably the cares of state wearing her down, or depression brought on by mouthing meaningless slogans for the past eighteen months.
Did Dante have a circle in hell where people were forced to go around saying things like Brexit Means Brexit, Strong and Stable, I’ve Been Very Clear, Because I’m Worth It, No Deal is Better Than a Bad Deal? If not, he ought to insert one pronto.
My gate’s due to be announced and I’m hoping for the message they starts Proceed to gate…, and not the dreaded and alliterative Departure Delayed.
Fingers Crossed.


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