Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I think I've redeemed myself with WestieBoy. After taking him for a walk shortly after arriving on Tuesday I went awol in Belfast for the next two days, but today the snow meant our other plans were put on hold so it was a two walk day.

The worst of the weather was elsewhere, but we have a nice dusting that feels seasonal and right.


I was wrapped up in warm clothes from London and the one of the hats Cousin has knitted.The first walk was the best. We only met two vehicles. We saw sheep in the fields and birds in the trees and hedgerows but no other living creatures.

The sky turned from white to blue and then grey again. More snow fell, and the wind made it dance in the air around us. Slieve Gallion was all but invisible, and this tree stood alone in a blue white fieldpp.

WestieBoy found plenty to sniff at but tugged and even whined when I wanted to stop and take pictures.

I liked the heart in the tree.

And this loft door.

Being at the other end of a lead being tugged by an impatient dog doesn't do great things for picture composition or camera shake, but the landscape in its pristine covers looked so beautiful I had to make the attempt.

This evening Cousin started on the Christmas decorations and WestieBoy killed the reindeer.




6 thoughts on “Walking in a Winter Wonderland

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  2. if I liked snow would still I have a serious disagreement with festive season snow. I would agree that is some nice frosting. Just how far afield will WestieBoy take you? Miles and miles?

    • We tend to do the same walk each time, away from the main road, so we turn right from the house, walk past the fields and houses in the lane until we reach a junction, then turn left and up and down a couple of farms, one where an aggressive Akita sometimes throws herself at the barriers around her house hurling insults at us, and it on to the junction with the main road and the cottage that each time I come here I am surprised is still standing. Then we turn around and come home. Not very adventurous, but there are no pavements, and I lack suicidal tendencies.

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