Disaster Averted

“There’s a deer out here with a broken leg,” says Cousin’s husband striding into the house with the Sunday papers. “Phone the RSPCA!” Cousin calls from upstairs. A few minutes late she joins her spouse in the kitchen. “Is someone coming?” she asks. He looks at her blankly. “Did you call the RSPCA? Who’s with it?” Still a blank look. “The deer with the broken leg.” He gives a snort and jerks his head towards the hall. “It’s out there lying on the table.”

Fortunately all the other animals are hale and well too. The snow is still lying, though I suspect it’ll be gone by Tuesday. Mistress Lily was outside briefly, but soon settled in her day bed in the utility room.

Westie Boy ran around the garden. Dizzy, who we now believe to be a boy, hung out with his big brother for a while, and roamed the melting snow.

Dora sat and watched.

But Dizzy loves interacting with humans, and my shoelaces proved irresistible.

A little posing on a window sill completed his exercise.



6 thoughts on “Disaster Averted

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  2. Kittens in snow! This almost makes me miss snow……….but not much. “There’s a deer out here with a broken leg,” should become a family tag line for years to come. I suspect you are having a very good time with family.

    • Just two days until I head home. I was a. It worries ed last night when flights between Belfast and London were delayed or cancelled but am hoping all will be back to normal by Wednesday.

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