Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend

This week’s photo challenge is ascend.

MasterB has no business to climb into the desk drawer.


But already he is planning a leap to the top of the bookcase.

On high

Another place he has no right to be.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend

  1. “MasterB has no business to climb into the desk drawer.” It might be time for you to admit you are an “enabler”, as they say, with MasterB’s delinquent behavior. Even if for the higher purpose of Art as evidence by your photograph….

    • You were spammed!
      It’s quite difficult to extract or replace items in drawers, cupboards and wardrobes without opening them. The Ginger Ninja is nothing if not interactive and likes to be involved. Mind, he can, and often does, get onto the top of the bookcase without climbing into a drawer first. Or perhaps you think I enable him by having furniture?

      • Well that was just plain strange. And obviously I’ve been distracted and busy since. The Ninja is still cute and hope the two of you are having a toasty Christmas

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