Better and Bigger than Trump

Lor’ love a duck, I have just read that Theresa May has again invited Donald Trump to these shores. I thought we were hard up, how on earth are we going to afford the security costs? It would be nice if he’d do the decent thing and stay at home, then maybe that money could be given to the NHS. Or maybe she’s planning to sell him the NHS and we’ll have Trump hospitals everywhere. Given Trump’s gung-ho attitude towards facts and knowledge that would probably mean anyone could get their hands on a scalpel and see if they could retire us when we need it. Lots of gold plating and no doctors, no nurses, no paramedics, but a director who claims he has the best wards, is the most medical person ever.

When I read that many people who voted for Trump still support him, call him one of them, cite economic growth pushing back ISIS as evidence of the effectiveness of his presidency. I went to see Darkest Hour yesterday, and it got me thinking about Hitler and how his rise to power was due largely to his promise to make Germany great again, how he appealed to people who had lost everything in the depression, who felt ground down and humiliated after the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler, like Trump, promised much, he had scapegoats, he painted a picture of a glorious Reich free from those who dragged it down – Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, communists. Women belonged in the home, cooking, bearing children who would fight for this Reich.

And let’s face it, at first he seemed to many in Germany to be delivering the goods. Here in the UK he had his admirers too. The Daily Mail and the Daily Express gave him their approval. The abdicated Edward VIII visited the fuhrer.

So no, I do not welcome Trump to my country. He may be a buffoon, but he’s a dangerous hateful buffoon, who is ready to wreck the world for his own ego, who tramples on anyone who gets in his way. He is the polar opposite of the murdered MP Jo Cox who in her maiden speech in the House of Commons
reminded us we have more in common than that which divides us. Trump seeks actively to divide and then climbs on the ruins of the lives he has shattered and claims to be king of the castle. Cox was murdered by a member of the far right in the febrile days leading up to the EU referendum in June 2016, when division, racism and nationalism were rife. Her murderer, Thomas Mair, yelled ‘Britain first’ as he killed her. Trump’s cry before his election was ‘America first.’ Mair lies in jail now, but still on the outside are politicians who encouraged that wave of hatred, politicians like Nigel Farage who I believe should be charged with inciting hate crimes, just as I believe Trump incites hatred in his country and around the world now. He makes the world a smaller, meaner place.

He must be resisted, he is a blimp in a history, a nasty blimp, but sanity must and will return. The US is better and bigger than Trump. We are better and bigger than Trump.

4 thoughts on “Better and Bigger than Trump

  1. I like the thought that he is a “blimp” in history. Unlike Germany in the 1930s most of us here are not looking for a fascist savior to take us out of a devastating depression and will be reminding our fellow countrymen and women of our basic civil rights in our next election. Rock on with all our political fights.

    Snowdrops would also be welcome.

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