A Welcome to New and Old Friends

In the past few weeks a number of people have signed up to follow this blog. Thank-you, and welcome! Most of my new readers do not have blog pages or WordPress identities and do not comment – my silent readership. I admit I am intrigued at this new, at least to me, trend. I recognise one person, that’s you Judy – hi! – but no one else.

Some new followers do have pages, though I admit I haven’t checked most of them out. The truth is I am not just an undisciplined cook, I am am also an undisciplined blogger. I get the urge to post in bursts and not at all, and the same goes for my reading of blogs I follow, so you may find, as Pat, Ruth, IngridD, Nitzus, Nadbugs and Gilly for example will have learned, that my comments and likes equally come in bursts interspersed with long silences. Other blogs I read, like or not, but rarely comment on. That doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t enjoy them.

So please don’t be hurt or disappointed if I haven’t followed you back; I’m really not into tit-for-tat follows, likes and comments, whatever WordPress thinks. This is primarily an online diary, a place of pictures, rants and reflections. I hope it chimes with some of you, and if it does please do feel welcome, but never obliged, to make your presence known.

If you choose to comment, your first comment will be held in moderation before it’s published so I can check it in case your comment is offensive – racist, sexist or other -ist I can’t think of right now. Hopefully that won’t apply. You can disagree with me, I have had comments from people who really don’t like something I’ve written, I probably shan’t join in an argument with you, but you have the right to voice your opinion.

And thank-you again for following me. I hope you enjoy the journey! I’d love to add a quote from Shakespeare but at the minute can’t think of one that’s appropriate. Perhaps you can help me out? It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare but I’d love a good one.


10 thoughts on “A Welcome to New and Old Friends

  1. I like this place too. It has thoughtful commentary that is worth reading and commenting upon. And a cat. Isn’t that what most visitors are looking for? Enough for me.
    Is the surge in happy visitors due to the cat or the commentary? Probably not polite to ask.

  2. Yes thanks for the mention. I totally get the spurts and am always happy to see you. Even if we are sporadic I feel connection to you. I don’t “get” the subscribers without a blog
    Or page. There are times when I tend the blog less, traveling, visiting others. Always satisfying to see familiar fellow bloggers, Isobel. Thanks for including me❤️

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