Seven Years Plus One Day

Tonight Celia and I enjoyed our first g&t of the year sitting out in the garden chaperoning MasterB, who was, I am pleased to say, being very brave in the face of a fairly full on Hartley.

Last night, MasterB and I had a long session in the garden which delayed my bedtime by quite a bit. Hartley does not understand personal space and stayed close to me, leaving MasterB stuck under a car for a very long time until tempted out by play.

Perhaps not the best way to celebrate our Seventh Anniversary, but since his first night here in 2011 was spent confined to the bathroom in the company of his uninvited flea companions maybe it wasn’t so bad.

Today, pre and post g&t, but alas not during as I didn’t take my camera outside, I took some photos of Himself.


Pre gin:

Post gin:


4 thoughts on “Seven Years Plus One Day

  1. And there’s MasterB three sheets to the wind, “post-gin”. Contact high? The pre-gin upside down is a keeper. Good to hear you have g&t weather – around here we define as over 70F/20C which we most certainly do not have.

    • Yesterday reached 29C; unseasonably warm for April. It’s going to be a couple of degrees cooler today and over the weekend, dropping back to the mid teens next week. I don’t think MasterB is interested in gin, but I should like to grow some catnip for him in the garden.

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