Two Faces of Humanity

I missed the opening minutes of the news on Channel 4 tonight but tuned in to hear that 1300 people of the Windrush Generation have been identified as suffering the effects of Theresa May’s vaunted Hostile Environment. Make that 1300 so far. Think about that number. It’s not small, it’s not insignificant. Imagine 1300 of your neighbours being told they had no right to remain in this country. I used to live in a village with a population of 600. It would have been emptied twice over. I’ve worked in schools with 1000 pupils. Imagine them all gone, and their teachers and maybe all the pupils and staff from the local primary school too to make up the 1300.

What times we live in.

Perhaps it’s fortunate for my sense of outrage that I am headed to das Boot for a few days on Sunday. Also that there are many instances in this world of humanity despite the best efforts of many of us to behave in degraded and degrading ways. Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, the Cat Man of Aleppo springs to mind. I came across him on Instagram, and am humbled by him and grateful for what he does. Check out his Facebook page. It will restore your faith in humanity. In the middle of war and horror Ernesto offers sanctuary to abandoned cats. Who knows if their owners are even still alive? Visitors come and sit with the cats, escaping the war for a few minutes.

Amazing. Hopeful. Humane.

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