Beautiful, Happy Boy

As some of you know, MasterB has not been very happy in our garden for some time. The problem, or rather problems, being the local cats who have designs on his territory.

However, last week in the few unseasonably warm days we enjoyed, he sat outside with me while I got on with some work and he was obviously relaxed, obviously content. It was like having my cat back again. I hope we have more days like these in the summer when it comes.

With bluebells

Showing his stripey jumper




4 thoughts on “Beautiful, Happy Boy

  1. Hurrah! We get some MasterB cheesecake on a Spring day. Beefcake doesn’t really sound right for photos of pure kitty objectification even given his ambiguous gender status. Happy to hear the intruders have retreated so the boy can enjoy his garden in peace.

    • To be fair, they aren’t that bad, but MasterB is not a fighter and is very intimidated by these assertive neighbour’s. One means trouble, but Hartley would happily be friends.

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