Captain’s Log: Tuesday’s Child

I am so happy. I thought this a moment ago, and it felt so good I decided to make it the first sentence of tonight’s post. It’s not the wine talking, though I have just poured a glass of Frascati as an aperitif.

I don’t think the way I have chosen to spend my birthday matches many people’s idea of a celebratory day, but it has worked for me. I woke early, got a good morning cuddle from MasterB and then I drifted off to sleep again. The sun was up, the skies were blue, the wind was cold. I headed for the shower and towelled myself briskly to Ward of hypothermia. Then to the car and a trip down the road to Janet Eggs who I had texted last night. No eggs. I considered, then sent her a text saying I was outside. She appeared, still in her pyjamas and invited me into her kitchen. She was sent home from work yesterday after being sick, and has to stay at home today. It was lovely. We stood and talked, looking out at her garden. I showed her the WhatsApp messages Older Nephew and Octavia had exchanged regarding wine for Sunday and she approved, one of these days she’ll come to das Boot. Whether she’ll bring Squidge, her standard poodle, depends on whether MasterB is aboard or not. And the likelihood is, he will be. I returned to das Boot with a box of the freshest laid and had my second egg of 2018. Delicious.yes, I would give them up if no happy pet hens were in my life, indeed I have, hence this being only the second egg of 2018.

Day three, and MasterB’s at home. I don’t think he’d necessarily need a cushion citadel were we to go out on the river tonight. He’s not keen on the engine noise, so reading about hybrid electric/diesel boats made my heart beat faster. Maybe I have won the lottery. Maybe Older Nephew will have an Aston Martin for his 40th birthday. Maybe the moon is made of green cheese.

Then I headed for MIldenhall, but obviously I had to go to the farm at Reach where I bought two tomato plants and a kale plant, some fresh salad and some organic rhubarb. Next stop, Freckenham. It is the asparagus season. I bought two bunches, one for me, one for Octavia. Finally Mildenhall where I took the wrong turning for the cemetery and was on my way to Thetford. Fortunately there was a place to turn, so I turned. The chrysanthemum I had planted on the stone marking where Dad’s ashes were buried has gone. Aunt’s grave had a good smattering of healthy plants and a stretch of bald earth. I went back to the town and bought petunias and French marigolds which I duly planted and watered. Older Nephew is going to water them in a week or so, so for once, I am not praying for fine weather.

It was a very late lunch, which is why I am still on my aperitif at eight o’clock. I have a Walworth felafal lined up and a scrummy salad. After two days of quiet, the marina has been a hive of activity this evening. I think it’s because the weekend is supposed to be fine, so boat owners who live locally have been doing some preparation. I had a lovely chat with the boat owners across the pontoon from das Boot, and exchanged helloes with a couple I met last year whose boat is now much closer to mine. But the best was that despite voices, drills and other activities, MasterB has been very relaxed. Could it be he’s getting the hang of this boating business?

We’re home tomorrow, and unless I have work cancelled, which for the sake of bills I need to pay I hope won’t happen, I shan’t have the opportunity to return until the end of the month. But three days have been enough to remind me why I love das Boot, and how valuable my time here is.

6 thoughts on “Captain’s Log: Tuesday’s Child

    • It has been, Lyn. I was a bit unsettled when people started arriving and did think of packing up and heading home, especially as tomorrow’s forecast isn’t good. But it all worked out and now everyone else has gone. MasterBis being v affectionate and I have had a lovely dinner!

  1. Happy belated birthday, Isobel. Isn’t amazing how doing what we want to do brings about such pleasure. It sounds like you couldn’t have had a better day. Wishing you a healthy and productive year with times of peace and solitude thrown in for good measure.

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